Good Web Hosting Service and What It Can Do for Your Brand

So you’ve built a website to increase brand awareness and help your target customers find you. However, is it good enough to draw their attention and choose your brand?

According to Forbes, marketing managers should not forget to concentrate on the hosting of the site as it plays a huge role in getting good traffic and increasing conversion rate. A provider that slows down your website will not provide the scalability you need when traffic increases. If you still struggle to understand just how critical web hosting is to your brand, here are reasons you should review.

1. Losing files is not a possibility.

It rarely happens, but once in awhile, there are web hosts that decide to pack up because they are not earning enough. And why are they not earning enough? One reason is that they don’t give reliable service. When your chosen web host chooses to close down, you might lose your files. Imagine starting from scratch!

Even if you have to pay more, make sure that you choose a well-established web hosting service— one that will be around forever.

2. You can keep your SERP ranking.

When your web hosting provider is slow, your website will take more time to load. Sometimes, it may stop functioning and go down for a minute or an hour. If this happens a lot, then your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking will suffer. Why? Google and other search engines give a penalty to websites that keep on going down. So, no matter how good your content marketing efforts are, they are of no use if your website can’t function well.

3. Support comes when you need it.

Good web hosts offer support anytime. Since maintaining a website is no easy feat, you’ll appreciate if they have consistently good and friendly customer support.

Let’s say for example that you are having a problem with your website’s loading time, and you wish to talk to your web host to solve it. However, they are currently unavailable. Within the time you wait for their customer support, your website remains dysfunctional. New and old visitors will have to suffer within that time, too.

4. The website loads quickly.

Research finds that humans have an attention span shorter than that of a goldfish. That is about eight seconds. And when your website loads for more than the said time, then you’re losing potential clients.

A bad web hosting server has poor-quality hardware with too many clients. This ultimately leads to the slowing down the websites under the server. Thus, before you choose a web host, it’s best that you ensure that they can support your website’s needs. Ask what their uptime guarantee is. The ideal uptime guarantee is at least 99 percent.

5. Security is not a problem.

Cybercrime is becoming an alarming issue. Don’t expose your business and your customers under security risks, and get a web hosting service can protect you from potential hackers. A good web host uses the latest tool to detect and fix system vulnerabilities and malware. It also has domain privacy which will prevent phishing and identity theft.

Final Thoughts

It’s true that attracting more visitors and customers towards your brand is only possible if you have a good web hosting provider. So, don’t rush and evaluate all your options before you make the final decision.

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