George Ammar: Recipe for Living Life to the Fullest

These days most people talk about wanting to get the most out of their lives in the short time we get on the planet The description of how you get the most out of life varies from person to person but most would agree that you need to have a career that is fulfilling and gives you enough money to do the things you want and need, and good health which allows you to participate in activities that make you happy and feel fulfilled. If we are lucky enough to have these things, then we have an opportunity to live life to the fullest.

Some might think that the wealthiest among us live life to the fullest because we believe that money can solve every problem. This is not the case and although money can go a long way toward making some things easier, it alone cannot cause us to be happy and some might argue that it often creates as many problems as it solves.

It is more likely that someone who makes a good living rather than someone who is in the top 1% financially is a better choice for someone who is living life to the fullest. A good example perhaps is George S. Ammar, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who owns Cleveland based Ohio CFO, LLC. George runs a healthy small business where he provide customers with tax and accounting services. He has a growing clientele of happy customers and makes a good profit each year. He has been able to weather good and bad economies and is appreciative that he has persevered throughout and looks at the success he has had as both a blessing and a testament to the hard work he and has employees provide. There have been some long hours but they prove rewarding when the job gets done and customers are happy they chose his company.

George Ammar also knows that without taking care of yourself and being conscious of doing those things which keep you healthy, you will not be able to fully enjoy the fruits of your labors. So he dedicated himself to a healthy lifestyle and commits daily to doing those things that are good for his overall health. Here are some of the things he does regularly that contribute to his good health.

Drinks Plenty of Water

The body is made up primarily of water and drinking lots of it each day is a smart things to do. Water provides us with many benefits:

Boosts your metabolism – Water is proven to ramp up your energy and give a shot to your metabolism. Its effects can be felt nearly immediately there are no downsides to drinking it.

Improves brain function – Water helps the brain to work better and more efficiently. When the body is dehydrated the brain must use extra work with this limited resource. The result is you are not as sharp mentally.

Clears out Toxins – Water carries materials inside your body to and through the kidneys which then get flushed out when you pee.

Helps You Lose Weight – Drinking water has been shown to help you lose weight.


George knows that moving the body vigorously for an hour or more every day helps to improve health. You can pick one or a variety of exercises as long as they contain aerobic and strength components and involve some stretching. The weather in Ohio is not always conducive to outdoor activities so when the Cleveland winters hit George knows he can do indoor workouts and as long as he sticks to the guidelines he will be in tip top shape.

George Ammar also eats right and takes vacations when the stress gets too much.

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