Family lawyers for handling personal issues

At times, when you face problems and the reason is your incompatible relations with your family or any family member or even your spouse, you need legal guidance. As advice from a legal professional like Petroske Law helps you take the right step at the right time. This can prove to be life saving and helps you take the right decision.

In many divorce cases the major concern that arises is about the custody of the child/children. The lawsuit tries that the suitable parent gets their custody. Petroske Law firm helps you with matrimony crisis and family laws. They specialize in:

  • Divorce cases

  • Child custody

  • Child support

Why Petroske?

The lawyers at Petroske lawsuit outnumber the other family lawyers in many cases. Some of the reasons for their outstanding services are:

  • The lawyers are attentive and devote their personal time for the welfare of their clients.

  • They have a vast experience in handling divorce and child custody cases.

  • They assist in developing a proper strategy so that the consequences of the cases are in your favour as much as possible.

  • The lawyers of the law firm have a realistic and practical approach towards individual cases.

  • They have relatable knowledge of law and over a decade of experience in this field.

  • They work diligently to an extent of filing trial and appeal cases in times of need.

Divorce cases

People file divorce cases due to many reasons like the partners are not of the same mind-set or cases of domestic violence or it can be a mutual decision as well. During these cases the most important asset is the house. At times the division of property is easy while at times it requires intervention of the law. The lawyers will help you with the division of property and your entitled alimony amount. Your joint assets are equally divided while in some cases the individual or separate assets have to be shared.

Child Custody

The child custody or support cases are one of the most critical ones. There are many criterions that need to be followed while deciding upon the child’s custody. Shared parenting has been observed to be the best way for upbringing of the children after the divorce. Each parent has the right to visit their children and under shared parenting is entitled to spend at least one third of the time with them. Under this mode of parenting both the parents are required during the school meetings, appointment with doctors or other such occasions which directly have a connection with the child’s development and progress.

In cases of child abuse or depending on the child’s attachment to any of the parents the custody is given to the suitable individual. In this situation, the children can be visited weekly by the non-custodian parent. Another major custody decider is the financial stability of the parents.

The lawsuit analyses all of the conditions and provides you with the best possible solutions so you can lead a life of self-dependency. In family matters it is also necessary that you receive the compensation you deserve and a law professional helps you get so.

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