Eva Lovia – Tips on Making Yourself an Online Success

Do you have dreams of one day becoming an internet sensation with millions of people tuning in to see what you are up to and what you are talking about? If so then it makes sense to learn from the who have done it before and that is why today we are going to focus on the highly successful Eva Lovia. Eva has hit the big time online with her shows, videos and blog about cooking, eating and travel. From her Twitch channel ‘Made With Lovia’ to her fantastic and informative blog, Eva has gained a huge following who check in with her each and every day, providing support and helping Eva make money along the way. Let’s take a look then at what Eva does that gains her so many followers.

All Angles

Eva Lovia is fantastic at covering all bases on the internet and she has tuned in to the fact that many different people use different online channels. Eva knows that her Twicth channel followers may not watch her on YouTube or that readers of her blog may not be checking out Instagram. In covering all of these bases Eva is able to tailor make her content to whichever medium she is posing on, and amass a larger following as a result.


What you see with Eva is what you get, she is a blogger and a social media star who focusses on travel, cooking and food, there is nothing beyond that. The mistake that many make is that they try to cover too many niches on their blogs, looking to talk about an entire lifestyle for example, rather than simply focussing on what they do best. When you have a small niche like Eva has then you are going to gain a stronger and a more loyal following, in this case people who love travel, food and cooking.


You only need to review Eva’s social media feeds to see just how much she engages with the people who are viewing her content. This is something which not enough influencers and bloggers do, yet it is something which can greatly help to bring in more followers and maintain the following that you do have. Remember that the internet is a community and if you have cerated a sub-sub-community within that, don’t ignore the other members.


The number one rule of trying to emulate someone such as Eva Lovia is that content is always the most important aspect fo what you do. You must spend a great amount of time, energy and creativity on the content that you are producing and it must give value to the reader. If you take a look at the Made With Lovia Twitch channel you can clearly see how much effort has been put in to producing the content and that is why she is as popular as she is, because she provides beautiful and valuable content.

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