E-Sports gaming has exploded in popularity and that’s generating revenues across other industries

Online entertainment has always been popular with millions of people worldwide, but it will

also meant that people all over the world could not bet on any sporting fixtures. However, e-sporting events were able to continue as usual, as if the pandemic had never occurred. Professional gamers could still compete in tournaments; the only difference was that they were playing the tournament in their own homes instead of being at the event itself.

Since the e-sport business was less damaged by the recession, gamers were able to take advantage of technology, from fast Wi-Fi to gaming laptops. Since these professional gamers were forced to stay home due to the rules and regulations given by their governments, some gamers decided to invest on improving their home-base setup, such as improving their gaming chair, getting better headphones for precise sound quality to enhance their gaming performance and much more.

It’s predicted that by 2021, the global e-sports betting market will generate $17 billion in revenue. In 2016, the global revenue was $6 billion. The total global figure will always rise as more people are getting involved with the gaming scene and the added bonus of businesses and corporations starting to invest and come up with new innovations to better their business.

Throughout 2020, people were forced to adopt social segregation, and many businesses were forced to close due to the global pandemic. In particular, the gambling industry was adversely affected by the pandemic. Many casinos were forced to close their doors due to the pandemic. However, virtual betting and Esports betting options are available to adult gamers at online casinos.

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As previously mentioned, the global pandemic, which caused all sporting events to be cancelled and postponed, meant that people around the world were unable to wager on any sporting events in 2020. In contrast, e-sports were able to continue as normal, as if the pandemic had never happened. Professional gamers were still able to compete in tournaments, but they did so from home rather than at the actual event.

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