Couples That Do Cosmetic Surgery Together Stay Together

When you think of being close with your partner do you think of getting cosmetic surgery together? You may say no but a rising number of couples are “beauty matching”. A new trend among couples who want to heighten their appearance and their relationship is getting matching cosmetic surgery together.

This trend is steadily gaining popularity and with a large amount of mutually beneficial surgeries it is quickly going from “we would never do that” to “our appointment is next week”. Many couples are “beauty matching” around life events like weddings, goal achievements, career advancements, and to spark the original attraction when they first dated.

Get it back!

Remember when you first met, and you had that instant click? Well a lot of couples are coming in together to turn back the hands of time. Fillers are the procedure that couples are grasping more for. Which isn’t all that surprising because within the industry fillers are probably the most popular. They are used for everything, like reducing sweat, eye/brow twitches on top of cosmetic. What are fillers? They are Botox injections essentially, they help with rejuvenating the face for a younger appearance. These are non-invasive surgeries, and basically an in and out process. When couples are coming in for these fillers it’s usually for a special event that’s happening in their life. It could be for weddings, anniversary milestones and more. This way they can forever age gracefully until death do them part.

Don’t Do It for the Wrong Reasons

Some couples are coming into cosmetic offices and hoping that somehow this procedure is going to fix their relationship. Although cosmetic surgeons are miracle workers they can’t fix everything. On top of that they’re not stupid, they’ll be able to tell if somethings off within the appointment. This has to be something you both agree on or it could make matters worse for you. Be sure to discuss this fully with your partner. Be on the same page. This can be a very rewarding process if you do it because you’re both on board. Also keep in mind that depending on the surgeries you get done together you have a whole recovery process. This could be anywhere from 2 weeks and up so prepare yourself for that. I mean if you’re willing to go under the knife together, we’re hoping you’ll stay together.

If you or your spouse are interested in looking into getting the procedure done and need more information, check out There will be plenty of information for you and your spouse to browse through! Plus there are before and after pictures to give you an idea of what your procedure will look like.

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