Chris Oyakhilome Makes Lagos an International Faith Healing Magnet

The August 2018 session of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s week-long Healing School in Lagos, Nigeria was well attended. Hundreds and hundreds of people traveled from near and far to be present for the summer session. Many flew in to receive the supernatural healing and restoration which the event has become known for internationally. They come from different continents, all seeking the same thing: relief, peace of mind, and deliverance from illness. Some are chronic ailments, while others are urgent life-threatening situations. Either way, they are all welcome.

Reverend Oyakhilome has followed in the path of Jesus Christ as a modern-day faith healer of those suffering in mind, body or spirit. The Healing School is free. They merely request proof that the medical community has officially diagnosed the student with the ailment they are reporting. That can be in the form of a doctors letter, prescription, or a medical device which indicates without any doubt that the malady is authentic.

The Healing School conducted by Chris Oyakhilome has been providing hope to those suffering from the gravest illnesses and afflictions imaginable: different forms of cancer, diabetes, AIDS, heart ailments and so on. They have all come to him for more than a decade now for healing through this ministry.

The Healing School has been a place of joy and hope for many who have been written off medically as lost causes. They traveled to meet Reverend Oyakhilome from all over the world. It is their faith in this man of God which guides them. Many also made their way to Lagos to bear witness to the healing power of the man of God to perform miracles, as Jesus was said to have done during his time on Earth. The faithful in attendance hold firmly to the belief, as written in Hebrews 13:8, that “Jesus Christ, was and is able yesterday, today, and for all time.” They believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to do wonders if only one’s faith is strong enough.

If not for the testimonies of past students of the Healing School, most cynics would not be moved by the claims of the ministry to heal. Mind you many of the cases that come before Chris Oyakhilome are people who may see the Healing School as their last hope for a solution to their medical condition. One such dramatic example during this session was that of Prince Enefiok, a professional footballer. Prince was rendered incapable of playing football as a result of a car accident. That is until he got healed thanks to the Healing School.

The Healing School conducts two sessions in Lagos during the year. There is the summer session and the autumn session. Each goes on for one week (Monday through Sunday). The Healing School Campus is near the international airport in this sprawling metropolis, and there are a variety of quality hotels nearby for those flying into Nigeria’s commercial capital to attend.

Also, the Healing School conducts two sessions abroad during the year. They hold one in South Africa, and the other takes place in Toronto, Canada. Besides that, the ministry has an online outreach for those unable to travel yet who are seeking relief from their afflictions. For more information about the Healing School, anyone interested can visit the official website:

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