Charles Nucci – These are the Steps Necessary for Honing Your Photography Skills

The elements of a perfect photograph are simple to list yet extremely hard to achieve. This is why there are so few great photographers. The work required to understand the right elements and then to implement them each time you go out shooting, is exhausing and sometimes extremely frustrating. The talent needed to make the difference between really good and great is also something that one cannot always count on.

With this being said, not everyone can be a professional photograpgher, however everyone can take really good pictures. What is required is some basic knowledge of the elements of great photography and then the application of that knowledge as you go out and shoot. In this article , there will be a list of the key things you need to know about taking great shots, it is up to you to apply this knowledge and improve your abilities behnd the camera.

Study Great Photos and Photographers

The good stuff always reveal their secrets and the great ones are happy to share their knowledge. The Internet offers anyone a chance to learn from the best. Photographers now have blogs where they give tips and provide anyone with insight into how they work their craft. There is even a master series where the best photographers teach you online. For a small price you can learn from the absolute best, in all the key areas and what they actually do when taking the shots that win awards.

Know your equipment

All camera equipment has specific ways to get the most out of it and all have their own quirks that make them unique. You need to understand what your camera and other equipment that you use needs to have done with it so that it can give you its best. The only way to discover this is to use it constantly and pay attention. In what lighting does your camera take the best pictures? It is good for close-ups. How about the lenses you use? Do they get enough detail? Do you understand how to place lights and when to add or diminish the lighting? How do you use light filters effectively? These are all important questions whose answers can make you a better picture taker. Make it your business to learn these and other relevant answers.

Take a lighting class

Any photographer will tell you that at the heart of any great picture is proper lighting. Its importance cannot be overstated and often its use is counterintuitive. So you need to take a class to at least get the basics figured out about light. There is natural light and artificial light and each acts differently in a picture setting. Understand how to play with the light and how to use shadows to enhance or add depth, drama or mood to a picture. The end result will be much better photographs that everyone will love.

Be Patient

Any highly respected professional photographer like Charles Nucci will tell you that to get great he took thousands of shots and only over time did he reach the level of professional. It takes a lot of time patience and contact adjustment to become the best and unless you have the patience or perseverance, you will certainly walk away frustrated. So be prepared for a long and fun journey that in the end might not make you a professional but will definitely make you better at taking great shots.

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