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Hiding Dentist Turned to Eric Schiffer of Reputation Management

After American dentist Walter Palmer recently viagra coupon 2015 killed the famous Zimbabwean lion Cecil, Zimbabwean officials announced they would pursue the extradition of Palmerin an effort to hold him accountable.

Officials, who said Palmer had financed an illegal hunt in the African nation, tried to apprehend Palmer on Zimbabwean soil, but he had already returned to the United States. That’s when they turned to American authorities for help; law enforcement in the US then began to attempt to reach him.

Authorities in Zimbabwe weren’t the only ones outraged about Palmer’s actions: Backlash from his killing of Cecil quickly caused his Minnesota dental practice to shut down, and he has even received death threats. More than 150,000 Cecil supporters also petitioned for the White House to extradite Palmer to Zimbabwe.

Following the killing of Cecil, other hunters distanced themselves from Palmer, and Safari Club International, a big game hunting group, suspended the dentist’s membership. Palmer continued to be criticized both offline and online by people of all demographic groups.His website was shut down, his personal information was released on social media sites, and his image was marred in online reviews.

Palmer said he killed Cecil only because he was told by local guides that the hunt was legal. This was a plausible explanation, according to Nick Pinizzotto, the CEO of a pro-hunting group called Sportsmen’s Alliance. However, with many people believing the opposite, Palmer had to go into hiding and also reached out to Reputation Management Consultants for help with his damaged reputation, according to CEO Eric Schiffer of Reputation Management Consultants.

Eric Schiffer of Reputation Management said he declined to help Palmer, as Palmer had committed an “unthinkable” act by killing the iconic Cecil for no legitimate reason.

Police in Minnesota continued to watch Palmer’s neighborhood to make sure that the residents there would remain safe.