Do You Want to Save on Your Wedding Expenses? Here’s How

Having the perfect wedding does not mean that you have to spend a good amount of your hard-earned money – or go into debt. Being reasonable and resourceful goes a long way when it comes to planning your dream wedding. Here’s how you can save on your wedding expenses without sacrificing quality, elegance, and practicality.

Set your budget from the beginning

If you would like to have better control over your wedding expenses, you should set your budget from the beginning. Before anything else, list down what you can afford and are willing to pay for your wedding. And, to help you keep better track of your expenses and spending once you start planning, you should use a spreadsheet as well.

Take advantage of the do-it-yourself approach

One sure way of saving expenses on your wedding is to have the do-it-yourself approach. Of course, you don’t have to do everything yourself – but there are certain things you can take care of or have your friends and family do for you. For one, you can create your own wedding invitations. It’s relatively easy to do this nowadays, especially with programmes and apps on the Internet. You can also create your own decorations, your own centrepieces, and even your own wedding cake. Doing this will automatically help you cut a few hundred pounds from your expenses.

Additionally, you can opt to do your own wedding catering – or have a friend or family member do it for you. This will not only be cheaper, it may taste better as well, and you have the added option of choosing food that you really like.

Be creative when looking for a wedding dress

Having a beautiful wedding dress is a priority for most brides, but the cost of a wedding dress can quickly drain your budget. What you can do instead is be creative when looking for a wedding dress –hire one, borrow one from a family member or friend (you can even use your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress for an added vintage touch), or look for wedding dresses at discounted rates. You can also visit designer warehouses, especially during sale periods, or visit a charity shop.

Consider a versatile wedding venue

You don’t need to have 200 guests in order to make your wedding spectacular. A small, intimate affair can still be a wonderful wedding – even more so. You should consider venues which can accommodate smaller wedding parties, such as The Regent Hotel in Doncaster. The hotel has a variety of choices for both small and large weddings, from a private pub able to accommodate 80 guests to a Lounge able to cater for as many as 150 guests.

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Quick Tricks To Look Slimmer in Your Bridesmaids Dress – Because Diets Are for the Bride

It is almost a tradition that a bride to be will go on a big diet and fitness kick ahead of her big day, so she can look as good as possible in her wedding dress. While to the bride the wedding day is the focus of just about all activities and endeavours in the months prior to the occasion, for the rest of the people involved in the wedding, like the bridesmaids, life pretty much goes on as normal. Of course, as a bridesmaid you still want to look great at the wedding (after all, weddings are a great place to meet guys if you are single), but it is unlikely you are going to go on a massive pre-wedding diet and exercise campaign!


Photo by Hector Mota

You may find the wedding comes around quickly, and you have done pretty much nothing to ensure you look your fittest and best in whatever peach bridesmaid dresses your bride to be friend has chosen for you to wear. Fear not, however, there are a few steps you can take in the days before the wedding to look slimmer and more toned:

The Two Weeks Before

If you still have a couple of weeks to go, you can do a few things to actually make yourself thinner, rather than just creating some clever optical illusions with makeup and underwear! You won’t have time to lose much weight, but if you go on a low carb diet for two weeks before the wedding (under 20 grams of carbs per day), you can eliminate some fat and will also lose a significant amount of water weight, making you slimmer and less bloated. It is also a good idea to try inch loss wraps at a salon. Just one treatment will make you slimmer, and if you can fit in two then you’ll have lost significant inches as well as leaving your skin soft and toned, with less appearance of cellulite. While results are pretty much instant, remember to do this several days before the wedding as you can’t drink alcohol for about three days afterwards without becoming very dehydrated.

You may also want to consider getting a tan (either real or fake), as this will also make you look slimmer.

On the Day

Start the day of the wedding with some yoga, pilates or weight exercises. These types of exercise actually make the muscles look more toned for several hours immediately after doing them, so can add a little extra shape to your calf and arm muscles.

Now, use contouring tricks when you apply your makeup (or ask the makeup artist who is doing the bridesmaids to do this for you) to help define your cheekbones, camouflage things like a double chin, and generally make your face look slimmer.

And there you have it – in just two weeks you can look significantly thinner for the wedding, or, if you have left it too late even for that, you can even do some tricks on the day to look slimmer!