Options for an Organised Pub Crawl in London

London is the place to be for a good night out. The only real problem is that if you wanted to go on a pub crawl, there are so many pubs to choose from that you may feel overwhelmed. Indeed, Camden is one of the biggest party capitals in the world. Luckily for you, however, there are a number of organised pub crawls that allow you to enjoy the best bars and clubs in the capital without having to plan anything yourself. Best of all, you free entries and drink discounts will be arranged for you as well. So, if you are looking for a great and varied night out, some of the following options may be just right for you.


1 Big Night Out Pub Crawl

This particular pub crawl gives you entry to some of London’s best clubs and bars, and you will be able to queue jump as well. Plus, the tour gives you t-shirts, glow sticks and pens to write messages on each other’s shirts all night long. It is all about the fun with this particular tour and it is deservedly infamously raucous.

West End Go Wild

West End Go Wild has been ranked as being one of the best operators in London for pub/club/bar crawls. The company is made up of trained professional hosts and your ticket will allow you FREE entry to at least five of the hottest clubs and bars. It also includes drink specials all night long and five free shots. Some of the bars you will go to include the Café de Paris, Piccadilly Institute, Verve, Bar Soho, Zoo Bar and Ruby Blue. Be prepared to have a hangover headache the next day! As a remedy, you could always visit WinksLondon.com

The Original Shoreditch Pub Crawl

The original Shoreditch pub crawl is available on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. You will go to the most touristic part of London, which is also hugely popular with the rich and famous. The tour is surprisingly affordable at just £12, particularly when you consider it includes entry to all five of the Shoreditch bars, which includes Floripa, Cargo and Zigfrid. Furthermore , you get five free shots and a discount on your drinks all night long. The downside is that your night has to start quite early, as you need to be at the rendez-vous point between 8pm and 9pm.

Camden Pub Crawl

Finally, there is the world famous Camden pub crawl. This particular tour is popular with tourists and locals, hen or stag dos and more. Be ready to booze it up, going from one Camden bar to the next. The goal is that you experience the real Camden, off the beaten track. You will visit a number of live music venues where a variety of different styles of music are played. Your ticket is valid on any night and includes free entry into the venues and free queue jump. It is no surprise, therefore, that this is one of the more popular ones, but also one that you will not escape without a hangover.

Rajasthan – An Epicenter of History and Culture

They call India “Mother India” because so many people believe this is where the world really started. Whether or not that is true, it is certainly a fact that it is a truly complex country, with many different classes, cultures, religions, economies and more.

Rajasthan, which you can visit on the Colours of Rajasthan End Delhi through Insight Tours and Vacations, is the most artistically decorative, tribally diverse and architecturally regal and magnificent in all of India.

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About Rajasthan

The state of Rajasthan is the largest in the entire republic in terms of geographical size. The Great Indian Desert, or Thar Desert, is almost fully in Rajasthan. It borders Pakistan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab. Jaipur is the capital of this area. Geographically speaking, it is not just home to the Thar Desert, but also the end of the Ghaggar River. Furthermore, the Kalibanga ruins, the oldest ruins discovered in Asia to date, are also in this state.

The Aravalli Range, one of the oldest mountain ranges on our planet, cradles Mount Abu in Rajasthan, where you can visit the Dilwara Temples, where the Jains go for pilgrimage. Furthermore, there are two beautiful tiger reserves, being Sariska and Ranthambore. For those who love birds, the Keoladeo National Park will be a dream come true.

History of Rajasthan

The history of this area is incredibly colorful and rich. This is why it is also such a popular tourist destination. There are some mesmerizing tribal traditions and cultures. Interestingly, millions of tribal people were martyred during various conflicts because they wanted to protect their culture and history.

Most of Rajputana is found in Rajasthan as well. This contains numerous different kingdoms, being Rajput, Jat and Muslim kingdoms. This diversity in rulings is shown in the diversity of the entire area as a whole. While many of these kingdoms fought bitter wars between each other, this is now mainly a thing of the past. But the remnants of these battles have created a truly diverse world in terms of culture, architecture, beliefs and more. There are also many different types of Mahals and Havelis (forts and palaces), that show the cultural heritage of those who occupied these buildings. You will see strong influences of Jains, Muslims and Hindus in the architecture and design of each of these Mahals and Havelis.

Today, the majority of the population identifies as being Hindu. To this day, they are a polytheist religion that worships many goddesses and gods. Furthermore, the Vallabhacharya Krishna’s, who are derived from Hinduism, have one of their main centers of worship here, being the Nathdwara. Interestingly, very few Jain remain. While still a big religion, its numbers are dwindling significantly. On the other hand, those who still identify as being Jain are often find in higher and middle classes, which means they are people of importance. Other religions that are still strongly noticed in Rajasthan are Dadupanthi and, of course, Islam, which is the second largest religion in the region.

How Pipe Tobacco Was Introduced to the World

The history of tobacco throughout America and Europe is long and interesting. We know from ancient drawings that even the Mayan Indians used pipe tobacco, although it is not clear whether this was only done ceremoniously, or also recreationally. It is known that tobacco was used across the Americas before Columbus arrived there, mainly in ceremonies and for medicinal purposes as well. However, there is no evidence to suggest that people smoked on a daily basis, nor did there seem to be any issues with nicotine or tobacco addiction.

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From America to Europe

Legend has it that when Christopher Columbus went back to Europe, he brought some tobacco leaves and seeds with him for cultivation. However, it took at least another two centuries before it really caught on. In the middle of the 16th century, diplomats and other people of the elite started to promote smoking. Not long thereafter, it was available to the masses, starting with France (1556), the Spain (1559) and finally England (1565).

We also know that in Virginia, in 1612, the first commercial tobacco plantation was started. This was owned by John Rolfe, an Englishman. Within 10 years, it became the largest export product in the colony. Indeed, since then, it has been classed as one of the greatest “cash crops” of all times. By the start of the 19th century, smoking was incredibly popular. Some people chose pipes, others preferred cigars and cigarettes were also more common place. However, according to reports, people would only smoke about 40 cigarettes in a year.

Tobacco Smoking Becomes Popular

When tobacco was first cultivated, it was mainly for chewing and pipes. Cigars became popular in the early 1800s and cigarettes became commercially available in 1865. These were made on a North Carolina farm owned by the Washington Duke. He made hand rolled cigarettes that were sold to Civil War soldiers. In 1881, James Bonsack invented the rolling machine and the popularity of cigarettes went through the roof.

The Bonasck machine could make 120,000 cigarettes each day, yet it still struggled to meet demand. So, he joined together with the son of the Duke of Washington and they started mass-producing cigarettes. Their factory produced 10 million cigarettes in its first year and, within five years, it could make one billion cigarettes per year.

The Duke of Durham was the first cigarette brand, and the package also contained a baseball card. The product owners were behind the first tobacco company in the country, which was the American Tobacco Company. Until the start of the 20th century, this company was the largest and most powerful in the world. However, new cigarette brands like Philip Morris and Marlboro started to appear, which meant competition was strongly in place.

For a long time, cigarettes were marketed solely for men. However, women would also enjoy them. As a result, some cigarette makers started to make longer, thinner cigarettes, designed specifically for women.

Woman Suffers Dog Attack In NE Portland

Early morning on July 2, 2015, Erica Bestpitch started her routine by taking her two Chihuahuas for a walk. She was near the popular Fernhill Park in NE Portland when two aggressive dogs started coming her way. Neighbors described them as charcoal and brown colored pit bulls, although the breed is not confirmed.

Bestpitch picked up her much smaller dogs and started walking away. At that point, one of the dogs attacked her causing multiple bite wounds, some requiring stitches.

After being bitten, Bestpitch realized, “No one’s gonna help me. Like nothing – this dog’s not gonna stop unless I start screaming and neighbors come out. So I start screaming and screaming and screaming. ‘Dog attack! Help!’ And whatever else I can get out.”

Her neighbors, Dale Halvorson and Kathy Anderson were outside getting ready for work and watching their own dogs. They heard the scream and came to Bestpitch’s aid. Anderson even fought off the attacking dogs with a broom. Other neighbors came to the scene as the attacking dogs ran away.

Dog bites are unfortunately common in Portland. The city has the dubious honor of being the 11th highest for dog bites sustained by postal workers. Animal control indicates it deals with two to three cases a week with fears that this is a trend. Not only does this expose the public to danger, but dog owners who fail to follow safety protocol face liability under Oregon law.  

Legal Implications

Dog bite liability can fall under two categories. Trial attorneys will normally plead both in a lawsuit because while there can be some contradictions, it preserves the cause of action. These theories include negligence and strict liability.

Negligence is often easier to prove the dog does not need to have a “bad record.” It depends primarily on breach of duties—which are automatically proven in cases like Bestpitch’s when dogs are loose. To prove a case of negligence, the plaintiff must show:

  • Defendant was the owner of the dog;

  • Defendant failed to use reasonable care to keep the dog from attacking the plaintiff; and

  • Defendant realized, or should have realized, that the dog was dangerous if not kept under control.


There is also likely a cause for strict liability. This theory depends primarily on a dog’s aggressive characteristics. While negligence can apply to previously non-aggressive dogs who never attacked anyone, strict liability comes into play when dogs are inherently dangerous. Negligence or intent does not come into play with strict liability claims. Instead, the plaintiff just needs to prove:

  • Defendant was the owner of the dog;

  • The dog was more dangerous than other dogs like its breed or class;

  • Defendant was aware, or should have been aware, of these tendencies; and

  • Injuries arose from these dangerous tendencies.

In making either claim, the difficulty in the Bestpitch case is that the owner of the dogs is still being sought. Legal claims are impossible without knowing who is responsible and in the case of a strict liability theory, the owner and his/her knowledge about the dogs require deep scrutiny. Multnomah County Animal Control continues to investigate this matter so they can locate and confine the dogs before there is another attack.

What To Do?

Animal control maintains a web site about dog attacks. It not only discusses the trends but also offers tips in case people find themselves at the mercy of a dangerous dog. The agency advises that people facing aggressive dogs remain calm and never run or scream. Instead, back away slowly while not making eye contact and give the dog only a side-view to present a smaller target.

If an attack occurs, get the best description of the dog (or dogs) possible and report the incident to animal control. Medical professionals are required to report dog bite information so be prepared to give information at treatment appointments too. Since investigative skills and legal knowledge will also prove instrumental in sorting out this claim (especially when it involves an unknown owner) contact a firm of Oregon personal injury attorneys for assistance. It will make finding responsible parties and proving claims much easier.

In addition to animal control efforts, Bespitch and her neighbors posted flyers around Fernhill Park. It is the goal of that community to find the dogs’ owner so someone can be held responsible for Bestpitch’s injuries and the unnecessary fear it caused to this neighborhood. 

Learn Basic Car Repair Skills and Save Money Keeping Your Vehicle on the Road!

When there is something wrong with your car it can be a major source of stress. Whether it is something obvious that makes your car technically unsafe (and illegal to drive) like a headlamp that needs replacing) or you have no idea what is wrong but your car won’t start, is making weird noises, or there are warning lights on the dash suggesting something is in need of a check (but you aren’t sure why), it usually means you are going to have to make other transport arrangements until it is fixed, and possibly find the money for an expensive repair bill.

In actual fact, a lot of car repairs can be done safely and relatively simply on a DIY basis. With the right skills and auto body supplies you can save a lot of money and get your car back on the road much faster.

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It’s Easier Than It Sounds!

It doesn’t matter who you are, how long you have been driving, or what your general level of interest is in cars and how they work – you can pick up the basic skills to make simple checks and repairs on your vehicle. First of all, it pays to have a good set of basic tools. A socket set, some wrenches, and screwdrivers are the first things you will want, though you may eventually also want to add other things to your car maintenance and repair toolkit, such as a jack for if you want to do any work under the car.

Know Your Car

You also need to become really familiar with your own car. All cars have a manual, and while a lot of the stuff in there is above what you will need, you should at the very least learn what all the warning indicators on your dash mean, and learn how to do things like check the oil and replace things like radiator fluid on your car.

Where to Go for Help

The internet is full of sites that are designed to help people like you get the most out of working on their own cars. Whether you look at sites specific to your make or model or things designed to help people learn good car skills, such as tutorial videos on YouTube, you will find a wealth of information out there in whatever format you like best. You can also of course view videos or written tutorials on a phone or tablet, so you can take them out to your car with them and follow along with the instructions as you work!

Car repair and maintenance doesn’t have to be a mysterious dark art best left to the professionals. When you build your confidence under the hood, you will soon find basic repairs you would once seek out a mechanic for almost trivial, and, if you enjoy working on your car, you can even go further and learn how to restore vehicles as a hobby!

How to Know When Your Drinking is Becoming a Problem

Is there a problem with consuming alcohol? Of course there’s not—until there is.

That’s a fine line to walk, and sometimes hard even to spot: Most of us would agree that the occasional social drink is relatively harmless, and enjoying a glass of wine with dinner is certainly no crime, yet alcohol consumption can very quickly turn into alcohol addiction, attended by all manner of health problems.

Sadly, we’re not born with any particular knowledge of whether we might be genetically marked for the disease of addiction. Family history can provide some insights, but really, it’s up to individual drinkers to monitor their alcohol consumption and be aware of some warning signs.

So how exactly do you know when your drinking starts to cross the line?

1. You experience memory loss.

Many of us drink as a way to temporarily forget the anxieties of the day—but when that forgetting turns into actual, significant memory loss, that’s a problem.

If you’re consuming so much alcohol that you frequently black out, or if you have huge stretches of time that you just can’t account for, then you’re drinking to an extent that may well cause permanent brain damage.

2. You drink to get happy.

There’s an important distinction to make here: There is nothing wrong with drinking to celebrate a happy occasion. Who doesn’t like to clink glasses or pop some champagne when something positive occurs?

It’s when you start drinking in order to drown your blues that you have a real problem—a dependence on alcohol that is unhealthy.

3. All your social functions revolve around alcohol.

Or, you learn that a social event won’t have drinking and you suddenly find that you don’t wish to attend.

Basically, if drinking is the only way you can enjoy yourself, then you have a potential issue; again, your dependence on alcohol is likely unhealthy.

4. You shrug off the adverse consequences of drinking.

Have you ever gotten so drunk that you did something really foolish or self-destructive?

If you learn from your mistake and make an effort not to fall into the same trap again, that’s positive.

But if you ultimately don’t care about consequences and just keep drinking like nothing happened, that may point to a real sickness.

5. You frequently get into arguments about your drinking.

Do your closest friends and family members frequently confront you about your drinking? If so, that may point to a problem that’s more dire that you suspect. And if you find yourself arguing with them instead of listening, that may point to deep addiction.

These warning signs tell you there’s trouble—but remember that there is also always hope. Alcohol rehab is not just for tabloid stars: Real people find recovery and wellness there every single day, and never experience these dreadful omens again.

The start of the 2015 IPO season

The start of the 2015 IPO season has been relatively lackluster, following a year of ups and downs in the market. 2014 saw the busted IPO of Candy Crush maker King Digital Entertainment. If you’re interested in getting your accounting degree online, understanding what makes an IPO successful is important. See what contributed to the fall of Candy Crush in our latest infographic:
UAB Accounting Degrees Online

New to investing? Learn about intelligent business investments

Building an investment portfolio can be a tricky business when you’re new to the scene. The best advice may be that you should begin with the areas you know well, or quite well, so that you can make informed choices and consequently create a robust portfolio. In fact, selecting and targeting a specific market sector is probably the best way to begin your journey in terms of looking for investments and stocks – otherwise the whole experience can be both overwhelming and intimidating.

Finding relevant information

Evidently, you should check out the prospects of your potential investment opportunities including examining and evaluating them at what might be called ‘surgical’ level. Most serious investors read Benjamin Graham – he was a mentor to Warren Buffet and penned the book The Intelligent Investor in 1949, which has become a seminal work for many students of economic development and value investing – and for good reason.

You should also seek out sound sources of advice. Pete Briger is a principal and Co-chairman of the board of directors of Fortress, an investment banking organization. Briger’s personal success includes being awarded responsibility for the Credit and Real Estate business at Fortress. He is also a member of the board of Tipping Point, which is a non-profit organization that serves low-income families in San Francisco. You can find out more about him by checking out Peter Briger on CNBC.

Which market sectors?

Market sectors go in and out of fashion and it pays to keep an eye on what is performing well, and what isn’t. For example, information technology stocks are very nicely positioned within the most popular sectors in terms of investment potential and healthcare stocks are proving to be particularly resilient in 2015. Likewise, interest in organic and natural foods has also increased over the years and appears to be set to continue for some time to come.

There is always a risk when it comes to investing however; witness the slump in oil prices, for example, which has resulted in lower energy costs. Of course, this also means that customer discretionary income has increased – the funds that consumers can spend on items they may have wanted for some time but have delayed purchasing due to the general cost of living. In light of this, luxury goods may be a good target for investment funding.

Transportation may also be worthy of consideration as reduced fuel costs have an impact on everything including airlines such as Southwest, the world’s largest low-cost carrier that is currently expanding the number of domestic and international non-stop destinations it offers.

If you’re keen on ethical investments, remember that day-to-day living requires groceries and companies such as Kroger are providing just that, and winning awards in the process. In 2014, it was the Gold Winner of the Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles award – given because of the company’s workplace well-being programs for associates and their families. In addition, the company has consistently donated millions of meals to food banks.

Finally, remember that if you are new to investing, it will pay to take the time to discuss your investment preferences with an experienced specialist.

Grab a Partner and Enjoy Fitness Classes Together

If you have a good friend or co-worker who would like to improve their health and fitness, you may want to invite them to join you as you begin your own exercise programme. When you have a partner you’ll be more inclined to work out each day instead of making excuses and staying home. Consider buying a gym membership in Dublin so that you’ll have a monetary reason to get up, get motivated, and do your daily exercises with your new buddy who is working toward some of the same goals as you. Let’s look at some reasons that you should grab a partner and begin to enjoy fitness classes in your local gym in Dublin.

  • Can you better afford a personal trainer if you share the costs with a partner? You can get valuable advice from a trainer who can recommend fitness classes in Dublin that will help you to tone and strengthen your muscles. You can ask their opinion about Kickboxing classes, Yoga, and Pilates and the benefits that you’ll receive from each of these workouts. You may even want to improve your cardio by engaging in spinning classes in Dublin that are sure to give you a muscular and cardiovascular workout that increases your endurance. Whatever your needs, a personal trainer will be your professional guide to getting stronger and healthier.

  • The professionals at www.oneescape.ie know that you work harder when you are with a partner or engaged in a group dynamic. That’s why they offer a myriad of classes where you can make new friends as you journey toward a new and improved lifestyle of good health. If you’re working with handheld weights or kettlebells you will not want to be the person who drops the ball, so to speak, so you’ll work much harder to keep up and maintain your workout ethic for your teammates.

  • With a partner, your exercise classes or workout programmes will be much more enjoyable; you’ll be able to chat during the time that you’re in the gym and share some of the stressful issues that bother you. This will help to reduce your stress and help you relax so that you can focus on doing the best job that you can do whilst in the gym. It’s important to have a set time each day for your class or workout so that you can add it to your schedule and anticipate this time every day; this will also prevent you from making excuses about why you cannot exercise.

An exercise partner will keep you more motivated, hold you accountable, and will help to make the entire experience more enjoyable no matter how painful your muscles and joints may get. It’s an excellent way to grow closer with your friend, to enjoy some leisure time together, and to remove yourself from technology that tends to increase your stress levels. So grab a partner, set your schedule, and begin your healthy lifestyle right away.

5 Movie Locales You Probably Never Knew About

There’s something exotic and dazzling about lounging around a movie-set, revelling in the drama being play out in front of you and seeing cultural history get made. Films are nothing without locations however, and some of the best films you’ve seen just wouldn’t be the same without the sights and sounds of the places they’re set or filmed in – can you imagine Sleepless in Syracuse as opposed to Sleepless in Seattle?. For travellers also, you can play a role in re-living some of your classic big-screen favourites, simply by exploring these locales at your own pace and whimsy.

Some of you however, may have been in some of your favourite cities locations without perhaps ever knowing it. As this list of five movie locales you probably never knew about might suggest, mapping out your favourite films on foot, may have been something you’ve already done.

Gran Canaria, Spain

The Canary Islands aren’t too well known outside of being a popular winter or spring getaway to vacationers in Western Europe, but one the region’s biggest and most populated islands, Gran Canaria, played host to the sixth instalment in drag-racing series The Fast & Furious. Starring the late Paul Walker and muscle-man Vin Diesel, the sixth version opens in the gangs new retirement home. The islands off the north of Africa belonging to Spain, following their successful heist in Fast 5. Parts of the film also take place in the other Canarian island of Tenerife too.

Cornwall, England

A region of England where most people don’t even know the populace has separatist aspirations, Cornwall has always been a pretty popular holiday spot for British visitors heading to its beaches and coastal towns, but isn’t well known for films. A prime location for Tim Burton’s animated live-action movie mash-up Alice in Wonderland, based on the Victorian novel by Lewis Carroll and made popular through the Disney animation of the same name. Cornwall played host to several scenes from the movie in locations like Charlestown Harbor and Antony House in Torpoint.

Prague, Czech Republic

A hugely massive stag-destination and popular Western European weekend getaway, the old charm of Prague hasn’t been at the centre of many Hollywood blockbusters in the last twenty years or so. One exception to that fact however is the 2011 film Misson Impossible – Ghost Protocol, the latest version in the Tom Cruise featuring spy-dramas that successfully rebooted a 1960s TV show of the same name.

Sydney, Australia

Australia’s biggest city is well known for lots of reasons, from iconic building like the Opera House, to its cultural diversity and neighbourhoods like China Town. One thing it hasn’t been too hot on in the past several decades is as the setting of movies. In 2006 the mostly forgotten Superman Returns, starring the just-as-much-forgotten Brandon Roth, borrowed the city for many of its scenes, including one that used the Art Gallery of New South Wales in its backdrop.

Phuket, Thailand

The Thai destination of Phuket, commonly the reserve of debauched backpackers enjoying beachside buckets and otherwise kicking back, isn’t really a destination that comes to mind when envisaging sci-fi locations set in the future. Back in 2005 however, just as George Lucas was finishing up his newest and most deplored trilogy of Star Wars movies, Phuket ended up playing a distinctive role in the trilogies third film; Revenge of the Sith.