Best Exercises for Losing Weight

This is a great time of year to try to shift a little extra weight for one very good reason – cheap gym membership prices (for some examples, visit:! Yes, all gym owners know that this time of year people are feeling pretty guilty about all the bacon and roast potatoes they’ve eaten over Christmas. If you’ve taken the plunge and joined up to a gym, then you are probably keen to get started on your new exercise regime. Before you do though, just know that all exercises are not created equally!

Some are just more effective at burning fat than others. So take a look at these exercises if you’re interested in maximum weight loss:


Oh, I’m sure you saw this coming! Truth is, whilst many people may hate it, cardio training is an important part of any weight loss routine – there’s a good reason that every gym in the land includes a bank of treadmills. That being said, there are some types of cardio that is going to blast your metabolism quicker and harder – interval and hill cardio.

With interval you include short bursts of intense effort followed by longer periods of slower, cooling down time. This could work out as say 30 seconds fast running on the treadmill followed by 90 seconds slower recovery. Hills are just that – upward inclines. No, there are no hills in a gym of course, so just set an incline on your treadmill and get going.

Push Up

This is an absolute classic of an exercise that has been around for a very long time – and with good reason! For one thing it is easy to do. Or, to qualify that statement, it is easy to learn and perfect the correct form. Actually getting through a number of sets of reps is a different story all together!

It works all your arm muscles as well as your chest and shoulder muscles. This means it is incorporating all the major upper body muscles, which is great news for fat burning. And you can easily up the difficulty once they start getting to easy by popping on a weighted vest.

A more technical but very similar exercise is the bench press, which broadly incorporates all the same muscle groups, except with a more targeted weight.


So if the push up is targeting your upper body, this bad boy of an exercise is targeting everything below the equator! In particular, it targets the thighs and glutes (your bum). These are the two largest muscle groups in the body, so getting them to work hard is going to burn some serious calories.

Just like the push up, this is an exercise whose technique is relatively straightforward to learn. Again, just like the push up, it’s also easy to scale this exercise up, as you get fitter.

If you start with just your body weight for example, you can also add a weighted vest, kettle bell or even a barbell for extra weight as time goes on.

Hit the gym and work your through an exercise set containing these monster moves, and you will be well on the way to healthy weight loss in double quick time!

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