How to Invest In Bitcoin If It’s New To You

Investing in Bitcoin is a polarizing concept. Some people are diehard Bitcoin fans and defenders, and it’s not hard to see why. It recently crossed the $16,000 mark, and it’s seen a meteoric rise in the past year.

At the same time, investing in Bitcoin remains a risky gamble, and as with any volatile investment, just as much as it goes up, it also has the potential to go down.

Regardless, if you’ve made up your mind that you’re going to take the risk, what should you know about how to invest in Bitcoin?

Choosing an Exchange

Before you invest, you’ll need to learn about Bitcoin exchanges.

Exchanges are an essential cornerstone of investing in cryptocurrency, and you want to find an option that is highly focused on security and providing safeguards for users. As Bitcoin investment has gone mainstream, most of these exchanges have started focusing even more on regulation and ensuring security for everyone involved, which is good news for investors.

While for the most part exchanges are safer than at any other point in terms of cryptocurrencies, there are still exchanges that don’t meet rigorous standards, so do your research.

Sometimes the best way to determine the Bitcoin exchange that’s right for you is registering for accounts on several platforms, taking a look around and deciding the interface and system that works best for your preferences.

A few key points to focus on include the weekly deposit limits, which may not be an issue for you if you’re not going to be investing a lot, as well as Two Factor Authentication.

Coinbase, just as an example, is one of the top cryptocurrency wallets, and it has good features that work well for new investors.

With Coinbase you can link it to your bank account and create auto-buys, but in the technical sense, it’s not actually a Bitcoin exchange. Instead, you’re buying directly from the firm, so it can be tougher to make fast investment moves.

While Coinbase is referred to as an exchange, if we’re going with the actual classification, it’s a Bitcoin wallet.

Be Aware of Cyber Thieves

Even when you’re using a secure site like Coinbase, there are still hackers and cybercriminals that can target you, and they are successful in many cases. You need to be cautious on your end, and not assume your exchange is going to do all the work for you.

You may receive emails with phishing attacks an example, so you should never follow links that are included in an email or enter private information. Also, always verify that you’re on the site or app that you intend to be, before inputting anything or taking any action.


When you’re choosing a wallet or exchange, look for one that offers insurance if something including a breach of physical or cyber security occurs, or employee theft. Many exchanges offer policies that will cover digital currency if this occurs.

Something else to know before investing in Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency is that if you invest U.S. dollars and you’re a resident of the U.S., your account is covered by the FDIC up to $250,000.

Bitcoin Funds

There is another option for investing in Bitcoin that might work better for more traditional investors, and that is a fund that invests in cryptocurrency.

Exchange-traded funds or ETFs can help eliminate the need to go through a Bitcoin exchange or wallet, but you still have the cryptocurrency exposure in your portfolio. There are several Bitcoin-based ETFs awaiting SEC approval, and a few currently available that track Bitcoin, much like funds will track the S&P as an example.

One example is the Bitcoin Investment Trust, which was opened by Grayscale Investments in 2013. They’ve since introduced the Ethereum Classic Investment Trust as well, but do be aware that most of the Bitcoin funds have pretty high management fees.

There are even companies that are letting investors buy Bitcoins for retirement funds.

Finally, another way to invest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency that’s more in line with traditional investment strategies is through a hedge fund, but as with any hedge fund, you have to be a qualified investor.

One example of a cryptocurrency hedge fund is available through BlockTower. There’s also the Cryptocurrency Fund L.P. which is a U.S.-based niche fund based entirely on the cryptocurrency market.

The route you take regarding investing in Bitcoin or cryptocurrency will depend on your preferences, as well as your objectives and the amount you initially have to invest. If you’re nervous about wading into this risky investment venture, you may go with something like Coinbase, or an ETF, while wealthier or more adventurous investors might opt to go the hedge fund route.


Brazil – A Class of Their Own The Case for Putting resources into Brazil: Development and Assets

Brazil is the most progressive football group in World Container history having won the opposition on five events. Brazil plays the sort of football each other group needs to play and have without a doubt delivered a portion of the finest footballers ever to effortlessness the field.

As though being the most handy footballers on the planet wasn’t sufficient, the Brazilians are dependably the most mainstream group at any competition due to the fair climate they bring. They have the absolute most beautiful and enthusiastic fans that convey Samba to whatever piece of the world they’re in.

Brazil’s most topped player is Cafu who played for Brazil 156 times over a long and famous profession. He was celebrated for his lung blasting keeps running here and there the correct side of the pitch. Despite the fact that he played at appropriate back he invested more energy the assaulting third of the pitch, which fitted in well with the Brazil style of play.

Putting resources into Brazil has been appealing for some worldwide financial specialists as of late. Following many years of past blast/bust cycles, political shakiness, cash emergencies and expansion, the previous decade has been astounding. NetBet Brazil has encountered genuine financial development at a rate that is twofold that of the Unified States, and in addition direct swelling, declining loan cost, and enormous streams of remote speculation. A great many nationals have been lifted out of neediness and the economy is presently moving toward full work in the wake of encountering just a gentle retreat in 2009. Financial specialists in the U.S. may inquire as to whether it is as yet a decent time to put resources into Brazil.

To help put the Brazilian speculation opportunity in setting, we should look at a portion of the purposes behind why there has been so much consideration paid to Brazil for as long as decade, and why there is motivation to be idealistic about what’s to come. Here are the main 10 certainties about Brazil that may astound you:

Brazil’s yearly financial yield is more prominent than all other South American nations consolidated

Brazil is the fourth biggest loan boss of the Assembled States, right now holding more than $200b of U.S. Treasuries

Brazil’s biggest exchanging accomplice is China

Brazil has 14% of all the new water on the surface of the earth

Brazil has 11% of all the accessible arable arrive on the earth

Brazil is the world’s driving maker of iron mineral and is the world’s biggest exporter of meat, chicken, espresso, sugar, squeezed orange, and tobacco

80% of all the power created in Brazil is delivered hydro-electric offices, making Brazil the “greenest” of every single real economy and giving exceptionally modest power Dubai  United Arab Emirates

In 2010, half of all the new oil revelations around the globe were made in Brazil

Brazilian turned into a net exporter of raw petroleum in 2009

Brazil is the world’s biggest exporter of ethanol News Team   Send Mail

Cyber Security for small business?

What should I care about Cyber Security?

If you pick up a newspaper or browse the Internet for even a minute then you can’t help but see stories of high profile cyber-attacks affecting large organisations such as Talk Talk, Sony and the NHS.

However small businesses are equally, if not more, vulnerable. It’s a sobering thought that nearly half of all businesses reported a cyber breach or attack in the past 12 months and the majority of these were small businesses.

On top of this if you hold and/or process personal data, then the introduction of GDPR next May places a further onus on your organisation to have adequate security in place.

To put it simply, there has rarely been more of an imperative to make sure your cyber security is fit for purpose and reviewed regularly. It’s certainly not enough to have the odd penetration test and a password policy. After all penetration tests are out of date as soon as they are done, and passwords can often be bypassed simply by looking over someone’s shoulder as they work in a public place. No a far more holistic approach is necessary these days, so let’s take a look at some good areas to consider first.

Where do I start?

Our recommendation is that the government’s Cyber Essentials scheme is an excellent starting place for organisations that don’t currently have any formal cyber security controls in place. The scheme is designed cover the five most common areas that are attacked and is a subset of more comprehensive standards such as ISO 27001.

In a nutshell Cyber Essentials recommends the following:

1. Boundary firewalls and internet gateways – ensure you have firewalls in place, that they are running the latest software and have secure passwords that are changed often.

2. Secure configuration – all computer systems and software should be configured as securely as possible and should be running the latest versions and patches. Mobile devices should have passwords or pass codes enabled.

3. Access control – it’s critical that access should be controlled, and this should include a formal process for granting appropriate access only to people who require access for their role. There should also be a process for revoking access when people leave the organisation or change role. Special access should be restricted to a minimal set of individuals. If you use a lot of mobile devices they you should also consider ways to remotely erase or block access to data if they are lost or stolen.

4. Malware protection – computers, especially those exposed to the Internet, should have up-to-date malware protection software. This should be configured to scan files automatically on access and should perform regular scans on a daily basis. Website blacklisting should be used to prevent access to malicious websites.

5. Patch management – software running on computers and network devices should be kept up-to-date and have the latest security patches installed.

And of course most importantly, don’t forget to backup your data. Ideally in multiple locations and in a way that means the backup isn’t permanently connected to your device or network (otherwise your backups could equally be at risk).

Bear in mind also that regular testing of restoring from backups is part of the process. You’d be surprised how little this is done with the result that backups often turn out to be useless anyway.

Where can I find out more?

A really good starting place for further reading, this government resource provides an excellent website explaining cyber security for small businesses here:

The website includes a questionnaire that can help you determine how secure your business is and where you need to improve. So why not take time to go through this and if you need any further help or guidance, especially with respect to software security, Verasseti can help. Just pick up the phone for a no obligation chat.

Benefits of Manual Testing versus Automated Testing

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”— Benjamin Franklin

This quotation by Benjamin Franklin is the quintessential statement about the results of deploying software applications without ensuring that they are properly tested. Unfortunately, effective software testing is both costly and time-consuming which is why some companies tend to short circuit the testing process; thereby, saving time and money in the short-term.

What is software testing?

There are essentially two types of software testing: manual and automated testing. Before we look at the differences between the two, let’s define what software testing is:

In his academic paper by the same name, Jiantao Pan defines software testing as “any activity aimed at evaluating an attribute or capability of a program or system and determining that it meets its required results.” He goes on further to state that software testing is critical to ensuring that the end product functions as the design specification states and it is bug-free.

Moreover, it is vital to understand that testing encompasses more than finding bugs. Its primary purpose is for “quality assurance, verification and validation, or reliability estimation” of the software being tested. Finally, a vital part of testing is what is known as text user acceptance testing. In other words, the user formally makes sure that he is happy with the developed software.

Manual testing versus Automated testing

The most important part of the manual versus automated testing is to note that they are both forms of software testing. And, as stated above, it is a vital part of any software application’s development life cycle.

That being said, there are distinct differences between both forms of testing and each one applies to different types of software and testing circumstances. Therefore, it is worth knowing what the differences are, and when to use each one to achieve the best end result: a perfectly functioning application.

Manual Testing

Simply stated, manual software testing is where a programmer or tester manually executes testing, without any intervention or support from tools to execute the test. As with everything, there are pros and cons to manual testing. Some of the biggest disadvantages are the fact that it is human-resource intensive, time-consuming, and error-prone because testers can make mistakes.

One of the ways to cut down on the errors is to design comprehensive and accurate test cases which produce a Pass/Fail result. These test cases also need to describe the exact steps that the tester needs to follow to recreate the test.

On the other hand, one of the most significant advantages is the fact that human resources conduct this form of testing. Especially, when it comes to user acceptance, design aesthetics, customer-experience, as well as user-friendliness. It is important to remember that people and not machines will ultimately use the software.

Automated testing

This testing model utilises tools, software and scripts to automatically test the software without human intervention. The biggest advantages of automated testing are the fact that it is faster than manual testing, more cost- and time-effective, and it is successfully used to test the application units’ logic and functionality.

The fact that automated testing is more accurate than manual testing can be a misnomer as the tools, scripts, and test cases need to be created by programmers and testers; ergo, it is susceptible to human error.

Final words

Both of these software testing models have a role to play in the successful testing of application software. As described above, their function and outcomes are different and should be used accordingly.

5 Best Apps To Help Your Job Application Stand Out

Your smartphone or tablet doesn’t just connect you with your friends and family members. It can also help you get a job, assuming you know which apps to use in your search. If you use the same websites and apps as everyone else, your resume will likely get buried amidst thousands of others. However, if you branch out and use less common apps, you’ll stand out as a potential candidate.

Following are five of the best apps to help your job application get noticed above the others.

Resume Builder Pro

Image via Flickr by marshillonline

Many employers use electronic tracking systems to wrangle the onslaught of resumes they receive for each job opening. The system scans resumes for specific keywords and other features to determine whether they are appropriate for the job. An app like Resume Builder Pro lets you capitalize on the app makers’ research into data.

Use this Android app to build your resume from the ground up. The app will suggest categories for the document and make other helpful suggestions to speed up the process and to make your resume more discoverable. It’s not free, but at just $3.99, it’s highly affordable if you struggle to create an effective, data-driven resume.

Spark Hire

Standard resumes don’t always cut it anymore. Spark Hire is a free app for Android and iOS that allows you to create a professional-quality video resume. You’ll stand out from the crowd because potential employers can see you speak and interact with your resume in unique ways.

To ensure the highest quality, use a device that has an excellent camera. For instance, the LG G5″s 16MP camera takes crystal-clear videos with minimal distortion or artifacts. Take your video in a well-lit room with no distracting noises or objects. Dress like you would for an interview — preferably business casual — and use a microphone if necessary to ensure your voice remains clear throughout the video.


One of the best ways to improve your chances of getting a job is to refine your interviewing skills. There are several job interview apps to help you enhance your technique, one of which is available through Monster. After you install the app, tap through the different options to get to the Pre-Interview section. Here, you’ll find tips and tricks for dazzling potential employers and preparing for specific questions.

You can use the Monster app on just about any device, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. If you use the app for your scheduling needs, it will remind you about upcoming interviews so you don’t accidentally miss an important opportunity. You can also use it to find articles about dressing for interviews, making a good first impression, and preparing your resume.


Sometimes, the specialized approach works best. Many employment agencies, recruitment firms, and even employers have their own apps for potential employees. MHA, for instance, is an app for medical professionals that Merritt Hawkins created. If you’re a doctor, nurse, or other health care professional, use this app to find open positions and to apply internally.

You’ll find specialized apps for nearly every profession and potential employer, though some of the most common career fields for these apps include the medical, legal, manufacturing, and retail industries. Since they’re designed for specific professions, you’ll find features that relate specifically to your skills and expertise.


A special website, such as your page, can help you funnel business contacts to one specific place. The Intro app turns your page into a “digital business card.” You can upload your photo, share your contact information, and track the people with whom you’ve shared the page.

Apps like Intro allow you to better manage your job-search activities. Plus, instead of sharing your email address or phone number with everyone you meet, you can direct them to one convenient place online.

Searching for a job can prove frustrating, but apps help you stay organized, prepared, and motivated. Download these apps to your mobile device and start searching for your perfect position, whether you’re a college graduate hunting for a first job or a seasoned professional who wants a change.

Choosing the Right Business Internet Plans for Your Business

With the emergence of online marketing, mobile applications, and online stores, almost all businesses these days require internet connection if they want to be competitive in the fast evolving market environment. Companies that don’t embrace such changes are likely to remain stagnant and eventually become obsolete. American-based international book and music retailer Borders, who used to be on top of their game, failed to realize the importance of moving towards online selling which led to their demise.

For businesses, choosing the right business internet plans is important in ensuring that it matches with the requirements. Businesses should choose one that is right with their current size and activities. Choosing the appropriate business internet plan ensures that you get what you pay for, and that you are paying for just the right plan, no deficit nor excess.

Things You Should Consider in Choosing Business Internet Plans

  1. Speed and Reliability

When choosing the right business internet plan for your company, you should consider how your company would use the internet. Would you be performing research tasks or would you be needing reliable video conferencing capabilities? This is an important factor in choosing the right internet speed for your company. If your company have light internet usage, you could choose a relatively low internet speed, such as the minimum 10Mbps offered by most internet companies. But if your company have heavy media and data transfer, you may want to get faster internet connection plans, with some going as high as 1Gbps.

Along with the internet speed, you should also consider the reliability of the plan. Does it guarantee a 100% uptime? A slight problem in the internet’s stability could result into unexpected downtime, which means you are losing customers as well as money. You also would want a company that takes security seriously. A good internet plan should have an anti-virus and anti-malware program in place to keep your company’s network safe from security threats. It is also ideal that they offer some sort of a backup protection in case a major glitch happens, and tech support to help you in case something unexpected happens.

  1. Cost

The second most important factor in choosing the right business internet plans is its price. Your company might need some sort of an initial set-up which could include the installation of modems, routers, wirings, and a firewall, which most internet companies charge for. You also have to consider the cost of getting the technician who will do most of the installation, not to mention the maintenance of the installed equipment.

It would also be ideal to consider the additional services your company might need, as most companies could offer bundles which include such. This often comes at a much lower price than getting it separately from another company, saving money in the long-run.

  1. Contract

You have to consider the contract terms in choosing the right business internet plan. If you are planning to change your plan in the future, you might want to choose a company which has the shortest contract term. But if you want to save money, some companies offer discounts on longer terms, starting from two years to even way longer. You should also be aware of the terms and policies of the contract, as there may be fine prints regarding hidden fees you might want to avoid getting into.

Some Top Tips on Choosing the Best Plant Hire Service for Your Requirements

More businesses are choosing to take advantage of leasing – rather than buying – the machinery and equipment they need, for several obvious reasons. One of the foremost reasons is that it entails less expense. If you rent rather than buy, you can free up more of your financial resources and spend them on something else that is also important for your business or project. Leasing machinery and equipment also gives you a certain degree of flexibility, as you can choose which equipment or machinery to lease and can be assured that what you are leasing is of good quality and in excellent condition. But if you are planning to hire plant machinery and equipment, what should you do and consider to make the right decision? Let’s find out.

Narrow it down

Granted, there are plenty of plant hire services around. But this is where it becomes tricky. You want to enlist the services of a company, for instance, based in your local area – or based in the area where you have your project. For instance, if you are doing business in Lancashire or a project in Lancashire, then it makes complete sense to opt for plant hire in Lancashire. This way, the hire service is easier to visit or contact and can be more trustworthy as well. Also, by opting for a plant hire service based locally, you may not have to incur so much expense in the cost of machinery or equipment delivery.

Ask about their availability

Another top tip to help you make a good decision with your plant hire service is to ask the company about the availability of their equipment. You need to make sure that it is there when you need to use it. When you speak with a representative of the service, give them your intended dates of lease so that they can confirm availability. You should also ask them about their waiting period for equipment or if they have the equipment you need at all times.

The lease length

You also have to make sure that you are signing a lease agreement that coincides well with your plan and your timeframe. Some businesses may require you to lease the machinery or equipment for a certain length of time, so if you don’t need it that long, then you may want to look for another service. Also, it would be a good idea to check their agreement regarding extensions. They should be able to give you an extension in case there is any delay in your project. On the other hand, if they cannot give you a guarantee of extension, it would be best to make sure that their equipment is available at any given time or has a short waiting period.

Image attributed to Supertrooper/

Customers Search Online To Purchase Products Online

If you are running an online business and want to make other people know about your business. You have to create a website which can be optimized to be found in a specific geographic area called local search engine optimization. Local online marketing services are designed for the betterment of a business and to increase the customers on a local online platform. These services are widely spread from local search engine optimization (SEO) and mobile sites to the email market and to the social media market. All of them locally increase your popularity and your customers. SEO creates your online presence and it enhances your presence to visit, admire and approach in Australia for everyone. For example BMW dealership if they do not have a well optimized website then there would be a chance that their customers could not fund the required term. A specific process is there to get the website and to increase its ranking for the search terms.

Strategy team of SEO is Bluegrass Mailing has a function to create the plans according to your business goals. This plan increase more traffic to your website and it also increases your conversions. Your business goals specifies the search terms of your desire the strategy team then create search engine optimized pages that has these terms. It changes the code to your website which enables it to be found on all of these guidelines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. You will be found for the terms of your desire when the search engine spiders index your website.

They offer your products to be searched by the local customers with the help of using an attractive and user friendly and a secure website. It can help you to dominate over the local market through their well built shopping portal. Many people in Australia try to search your website on their mobile, for them SEO Australia team create mobile websites. It would be helpful for the people who use smart phones and tablets to access the internet.

Marketing of website

If you have a business website then you also have to make other people to know about it. This is called marketing of your website. It is very important to make your website function properly. SEO has a positive impact on your business through its plans as a professional search marketing firm and proves the results. If your needs are lead generation then SEO contains Outer Box which create the successful marketing search campaigns. The business website is a great marketing tool and it is in fact an investment in itself which must be easily available for the customers. The search engine optimization helps your website to display at the top of the organic search results for the keywords which are most important of your business. They also design eCommerce website along with SEO for the customers who are looking for the marketing their products and online stores.

A Checklist to Help You Find an Excellent Search Engine Optimization Company

Getting your website noticed is vital to the success of your business. This is why you will need the services of an excellent search engine optimization company. Their work will ensure that your page ranks highly on the search engines and that your pages are fully optimized. Most businesses want to end up on the first page of search results on Google, Yahoo! and MSN, and this takes a lot of work. As such, it isn’t just about having your page listed, it is about being found.

SEO Packages

SEO companies will usually offer a range of packages to suit your needs. Whatever they do will be do increase your ranking and to make your page more popular. This means your links will become more visible as well. This can only be achieved by including a number of vital tools, such as:

  • Content writing, or web copywriting
  • Web analysis
  • Search engine rank support
  • Email support
  • Press release services (research, writing, distribution)
  • Completion time for individual projects
  • Project reports
  • Submission to web directory using manual tools
  • Blog writing services
  • Keyword research
  • Hub page creation
  • Deep link creation
  • Generating target keywords

The Benefits of Using an SEO Company

You will get more from your SEO company than packages and SEO service. You will know where you are placed and your page ranking should increase. This also means you should see more traffic and more traffic means more sales.

Additionally, your SEO company will look into broken links. They will research the various keywords and analyze them. They do copywriting, structure your links, give you a rank report, work on your descriptions, title tags, meta tags and header tags. If they do this, you know that they are truly professional.

An SEO company operates as a team. They should have different professionals on board that all work together to make sure you get the results you are looking for. Together, they will optimize your website and get you listed and ranked.

They also make sure you have links that are needed in order to get ranked. They check the depth of these links so that they know what your ranking is likely to be.

Last but not least, they should be affordable. SEO quickly built a reputation as being incredibly expensive. While there is some truth in this, you should also expect to see a significant return on investment (ROI). SEO is expensive because it requires real expertise, and this expertise must be update continuously. Considering Google alone changes their algorithm somewhat at least once a day, an SEO expert is only as good as their knowledge is. However, the money you spend on the work that they do should be returned to you through increased traffic and sales.

Now that you know what to look for in an SEO company, it is time to start searching for one that will suit your needs. Try not to focus on price alone, because what you are looking for is value for money.