Calling cards are a thrifty way of staying in touch while traveling

Are you someone who’s feeling lost with the sudden growing distance between you and your beloved? Are you abroad for studying or for starting a business? Whichever might be your case, you need not worry as with the advancements in the telecommunication industry, there are too many cheap ways which you can stay in touch while you’re traveling. Have you heard of ‘calling cards’? They are a product of the telecommunication industry which makes communication cheap and affordable. You can buy talk-time through such a card and through that talk-time you can make long distance calls.

The main benefit of prepaid calling cards is that you can make both domestic and international calls at a very low rate. So, how do you know you’re buying the best calling card for making international calls? Read on.

  • What is the rate that the card will offer to my calling destination?

Make sure you confirm the rates before you call and also remember that there are some rates which might even fluctuate. One more thing to remember that the calls which are made to internal mobile phone are often billed differently.

  • Do the rates charged depend on the time of the day?

Make sure that the rates which you receive are constant throughout the whole day. Until the rates are mentioned otherwise, the advertised rate should be constant irrespective of the time of the day you’re making the call.

  • Will you be charged for calls which don’t end up connecting?

Know before time in case you’re charged for even attempting a call which ultimately doesn’t connect. You can get in touch with the carrier and also speak to the customer care department to know such small yet vital details.

  • Are there any kinds of additional taxes or fees?

There are some phone cards which include additional taxes and fees and when they add such fees, they can usually keep retailers and carriers maintain their low advertised rates. There are many tricks in which you can avoid many such additional fees and taxes and you can do so by using all your minutes in a single call.

  • Can you contact the service operator 24 hours in a day?

If you can get hold of your calling card’s customer service department, you should ask them whether or not they are available throughout the day. You may be subject to unforeseen issues at any time of the day and hence you need to be aware of whether or not you will get help.

  • Does the phone card have any date of expiry?

If there is an expiration date, make sure that the remaining minutes of the card will all be lost post that date. So, you have to be careful about using up all those free minutes which you get.

There are international calling card companies like NobelCom and they have their NobelApp which can offer them some of the best rates for international calling. However, make sure you ask the above mentioned questions before taking the plunge.

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