Boost your human growth hormone naturally – Few ways to go about the process

A lot of people are aware of the fact that lifting heavy weights helps in building muscles but that isn’t enough. Do you know which process in the body will be responsible for growing your muscles? HGH or Human Growth Hormone is that hormone in the body which is liable for growing the tissues. When you grow older, your HGH levels will begin to decline naturally and this is why it gets harder to maintain and build muscle mass once you age.

When you lack HGH in your body, you might suffer from dwarfism and this is the reason why few people are born dwarfs as they lack their functioning receptors for HGH in their body thereby prohibiting them from growing. If you want to keep your HGH levels graph at its high, here are few natural methods that you can adapt.

#1: Velvet Bean

This is one of the most natural sources of dopamine precursor L-dopa. L-dopa is naturally produced in the body from amino acid L-tyrosine which is replete in foods like dairy products and hard cheese. Dopamine is vital for several functions in the human body and they set an impact on motivation, focus, sex drive and ability to get pleasure from daily activities. If you can supplement with Velvet Bean, this can boost levels of testosterone and growth hormone at the same time.

#2: Intermittent Fasting & Body fat

The total amount of body fat which you have is related to the level of HGH in your body that can be produced. The fatter you are, the less HGH you’ll have. Hence, losing weight is one of the simplest strategies for boosting HGH levels and intermittent fasting is one of the ways in which you can go about this process. Intermittent fasting is when you set a limit to the regular eating hours. From 3 days of fasting, the levels of HGH increased to more than 300% and post a week, there was a massive 1250% increase which was noticed.

#3: Reduce intake of sugars

There are few body builders who remain under the impression that it is possible to build muscles by eating just anything. In order to build muscles, it is vital to go by a clean and neat diet. As mentioned earlier, levels of insulin and HGH are correlated and in case you wish to maximize HGH, you have to steer clear from foods and sugars of high glycemic index. You should instead focus on complex carbs and make sure you don’t eat at night.

#4: Whey protein

A diet that’s high in protein is advantageous not only for your HGH levels but also for the thyroid hormones and sensitivity to insulin. The popular fitness supplements of all time include something called Whey protein and this is something you can add to your diet for maximising HGH levels. IGF1 is a hormone which is associated with HGH levels and will be responsible for helping HGH in growing muscles. In other words, Whey protein is also called Isotope.

#5: Get more sleep

It’s during your sleep that hormones like HGH and testosterone are produced. The more you sleep, the more time you will give to your body to produce hormones. If you can get 6 hours of sleep or less than that, this will decrease levels of HGH and also testosterone. Anything which boosts the quality of your sleep can be seen as HGH booster.

Therefore, when you’re eager to know about the ways in which you can naturally boost levels of HGH, you can take into account the above mentioned ways.

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