Best Dedicated Account Manager Service Poll won by United Markets Capital

Nowadays, a lot of investment and trading companies and businesses have been a major trend in the market. Forex and crypto currency trading markets are currently the biggest and most lucrative.

United Markets Capital is a trading technology that is now leading globally. The broker offers their clients low fees, a wide range of products and competitive services. Traders can open a live or a demo account and start trading instantly.

According to the latest March poll by FXBrokerFeed, United Markets Capital had led the poll for Best dedicated account manager service with votes of 35 %, followed by 27% of Oanda, then the third in the rank is eToro who gathered 25% of the votes, and lastly is Plus500 with over 13% votes gathered.

UM Capital is also referred to as a diversified provider. The broker trades thousands of CFDs, forex, commodities, ETFs, crypto currencies, forex pairs, etc. Diversity is important to use to lessen the risks and to invest more in different in various areas that can affect the industry in a good and multiple ways.

As a one of the leading trading and investment brokers, United Markets Capital had been taking care of the aspects that helped them reach the top. These aspects play different and unique roles to satisfy their clients’ demands and trading needs.

  1. Technology Advancements
  • United Markets Capital had been using technologies for faster and easier transactions with their clients. They use an app with SSL Encryption providing their clients with timely updates, reminders and alerts, and management’s risk that is effective. The SSL Encryption provides a secured account, and so, UM Capital’s clients can safely access the website without the fear of getting hacked.


  1. Ranges in Product
  • United Markets Capital had been the leading trading industry and also recognized as a diversified provider of CFD and trades a thousand CFDs on Cryptocurrencies, Treasuries, Commodities, Forex, Shares, and ETFs. Their clients can gain a lot of benefits with the competitive commission, and the Spreads in the Raw Markets. In addition to that, United Markets Capital works 24 hours a day, and the client can easily access the website anytime anywhere.


  1. Sense of Generosity
  • As the leading trading industry, United Markets Capital had been showing a sense of generosity to the humankind. They have a program that assists the people in terms of health, education, and clothing.


David Goldberg, UM Capital’s head of operations, stated that a philanthropy should be the cornerstone of every successful business today. If you’re at the top, bend your head and hands down to help those who need attention and help. They mostly focus on the youth in developing countries by providing clothes, food, and educational assistance.


  1. Commitment in the Dedicated account management service
  • UM Capital have three pillars to ensure their clients have the best customer experience: the readiness of the workforce, and the empowerment economically and financially. These all have vital roles to reach the client’s demand and expectations in their industry. The goal is to deliver a truly personalized customer experience.

For more information and if you have questions regarding the UM Capital, feel free to visit their official website:

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