Are You Moving into a New Home? 3 Tips to Help!

While a new home is meant to be an enjoyable, fun, and exciting experience, there is an endless list of many things you need to do before, during, and after your transition to your new community. Some folks can list nearly hundreds to do things, some more important than others. Know that many of the things you need to do can be completed online, which saves you gas and time. However, driving to specific areas in your new town help you to get acquainted with where things are located and how to get where you need to go.


Going to a new home anywhere should be the most enjoyed experience in your life. Maybe this is your first move or one of many, moving demands you do some essential things to assure a smooth transition. The following are just three of possibly the most important moving tips you can do to ensure your move and change is smooth and uneventful.


While moving can be a stressful experience, these three tips will help you ease into the transition.



  1. Change Address With Post Office


The first and perhaps the biggest and most important tip before you move from your present location is to go to the Chicopee Center post office MA and complete an address change form. Your current post office will not know where to forward your mail. Set up a new PO Box number and get to know your new post office, such as hours and days of operation.


Be sure to print out your new address for family, friends, and billing departments or email all of your contacts, your new address. If you do this, you are less likely to lose mail sent to your old address.



  1. Cancel Old Services and Order New


Services such as your energy company, telephone company, Internet cable, television cable company, and waste management company requires to stop and start dates. Be sure to give your old service companies at least a three-week notice before shut off. Find out if you are due a refund for money paid.


Contact your new service companies at the same time and order services for at least the day before you move into your home. Sometimes new utility companies and other companies providing monthly services require a down payment, find out if a down payment is required.



  1. Learn About the New Area


Find out what your garbage service requires, such as do they provide their waste containers, or must you provide your container. Find out if you must wheel your box to the curb or if the waste company retrieves your container every week. Check into what the rules and regulations for Chicopee Center are; as a new resident, you do not want to get a ticket because you did not follow city or county codes.


A transition to a new location means you never want to be in an emergency and not have vital phone numbers, aside from 9-1-1. Retrieve, record, keep these critical numbers in a quick-to-look, handy place, or on your cell phone such as:


  • Police Department
  • Fire Department
  • The Nearest Hospital
  • If you have pets, find a new veterinarian clinic
  • Your New Doctor’s Office Number
  • Numbers of Specialist Doctors
  • Number of your New Dentist
  • The Local Ambulance service



Final Note


These three tips are just a starting point when moving into your new home. You can make your new house feel like a home as you settle into your new community.

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