A Remote Working Lifestyle

Perhaps one of the biggest changes to our daily routine throughout this pandemic period has been within a temporary change to remote working, but as the benefits have been discovered throughout the year it seems that temporary change for many may become more permanent. As some parts of the world have entered a second lockdown in a bid to reduce the infection risks once again too, those who have been able to remain in a position to work remotely have found a huge benefit too, but a remote working lifestyle could be much better than many anticipated early.

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The biggest change many have found has been the lack of commute and the extra time afforded during the day – it had long been speculated that a change to remote working would improve job satisfaction and quality of life with small adjustments to things such as the commute time but many weren’t willing to be the first through the gates, with a global pandemic allowing the change to happen however a growing number of workers are reporting they are happier with the change as they’re able to spend more time at home and less time travelling, and with few reported instances where productivity has suffered it has led many to asking why this isn’t something that had been implemented before. The additional free time has been cited as something that can help the economy too as more time can be had for leisure and spending, this has been seen in certain sectors particularly through online gambling and betting as despite adjustments to regulation and initiatives such as Gamstop, many players have turned to alternatives where players can find some here which have found a surge in usage throughout the year as additional time in the day can be found for the leisure activities.

Remote working has also encouraged other changes to possibly move forward too – it was recently announced that the EU were to take a closer look at the possibility of changing to a more permanent four-day work week as it has long been suggested that productivity and satisfaction actually increase with this change, whether or not this is something that will be put in place in the short term or not is yet to be seen but this year has certainly helped encourage the change. Similarly there have been more calls for the implementation of Universal Basic Income due to unemployment and unforeseen redundancies throughout, and whilst it has been trialled in some locations it would be a long while before it would roll out on the larger scale – with it even being approached and considered however it is signalling change in the work space as the long held traditions of our day-to-day working life are starting to change, adjust, and modernise with newer working expectations. Whilst some of these changes will certainly be permanent and others a temporary measure, it will be interesting to see how the new remote working lifestyle changes and evolves over time, and how it may impact other aspects of our working lives too.

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