A First-Time Buyers Guide to Home Maintenance

For first-time home buyers, thoroughly checking the quality of the home and its features is obviously essential. However, many people forget that maintenance of their new home is also a key part of protecting the investment. Your home might look good for now, but it won’t stay that way unless it is well maintained. Here are some tips for looking after the property long term.

Check the HVAC filters

The filters in your property may have been clogged by harmful pollutants and other substances that were generated during construction work, and then trapped. To solve this problem, just turn the system off and pull the filters out. Inspect the dirt and remove the old filters. You can clean them or simply replace them with new ones before using the HVAC again.

Seal some spaces

There might be tiny gaps or inconsistencies in the seal around your windows that allow air through. Not only can these cause unpleasant drafts throughout the house, but they will also warmth to escape when you’re trying to heat the house during the winter months. Fortunately, caulking can help solve this problem easily.

Check for leaks

There might have also been some leaks on your roof that need repairing. It is important to fix any such problem before they get worse in bad weather. Take a look at any edges and corners that you might have previously overlooked. Consider find a professional to help fix any problems.

Check home warranties

Preferably before purchasing the home, check the availability of warranties which might already exist for any domestic appliances, heating installations, etc. If they are covered, then have these items checked out before the warranty expires. Without a warranty, or one that has already lapsed, replacement or repair might by costly.

Inspect the exterior paint

The paint might start to peel off, and this should be addressed right away. Find any spots where chipping and peeling are already happening and scrape away as much as you can using and then use a wire brush. You may need to have the entire area repainted if it worsens, or if it has been some time since it was last done.

Clean the gutters

You might also want to clean the gutters by removing debris. If they clog the passage of water, it will build up on your roof and can lead to leaks and even structural damage. You can manually remove the debris, but be careful using a high ladder.

Take time to clean up your property and ensure that everything is fixed. Investigation and maintenance are really important in helping you prevent future problems that would be far more complicated and expensive to resolve. It is not always easy, or enjoyable, but this is a key part of being a new homeowner.

Image: Pixabay.com

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