7 Quick Fire Wins to Winning New Business

Winning new customers is the key to success for any business. This is why the whole process is of great importance and can determine the level of success and longevity you are likely to have. This is a process that many businesses are now looking to outsource to companies such as Alchemis, who have a depth of experience in helping when it comes to business development. Here we highlight seven quick fire wins, when it comes to the process of winning new business.


1) Knowing your customer


The first very simple quick win is having a clear understanding of who your customer is. This can then mean you can target them, which will certainly help when it comes to the ability of winning new business. This covers areas such as age, location and job titles for example. It is very important to initially spend time and a detailed approach on to your customers as having a clear imagine can really help with the process of targeted marketing.


2) Incentivize existing customers


Another important point for success is incentivizing excising customers. They have used you previous, so you are hoping they continue to do so. If they are given great offers then this can work as a marketing tool in itself. They will tell their family and friends, which can then result in further leads and higher conversions from current paying customers.


3) Networking


Effective networking continues to be one of the most powerful tools when it comes to growing a business, despite the rise of digital. Any opportunity should be taken as this enables for you to be introduced to new customer groups, so you can gather a further understanding of the sector in question.


4) Exploring different sales channels


There are so many different online opportunities, which many businesses fail to take advantage of. This is why whatever business you are, you should always explore the different forms of sales channels that are available, whether this be online or offline.


5) Public relations


Securing high quality public relations can result in instant new customers directly through the door. This is due to the fact that if done well, then it can reach out to a large number of prospects at once. You should look at identifying key publications in your niche of business and reach out to them as an expert in the field. You can then raise the profile of your own business instantly.


6) Pricing models


Exploring different pricing models can always be another quick win as there will always be prospects at different stages of the buying cycle. This means offering a service or product at different levels, so people can buy these at a lower or higher price tag. This can help to build the overall customer base quickly.


7) Paid advertising


The final quick win is to use paid advertising. This can virtually guarantee new customers to your business but in some cases can be costly. This is why it is key to identify the objective of the campaign. Once this objective has been identified, it is then easier to allocate the budget and overall expectation of the campaigns.


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