6 Things every DIY pro needs in their home

It’s true that you can never have too many tools lying around the home. If you want to become a DIY expert, you’re going to need more than just a few odd screwdrivers, that’s for sure. Of course, everyone has to start somewhere and if you’re in the market for must-have DIY tools to become the ultimate handyman, then you might want to start with these essentials. Happy DIY-ing!



A sturdy toolbox


We’re taking it back to basics here. You can’t begin to excel on the DIY front without a toolbox, a good study toolbox that will play home to your handy selection of, well, tools. Choose a design that comes with multiple compartments so that you can effectively organize all of your equipment.


Basic tools of the trade


Now you’ve got your toolbox in check, you’re going to need to fill it with plenty of tools fit to serve their purpose around the home. Head to your nearest DIY center to pick up a sturdy hammer, a set of screwdrivers, an adjustable wrench, pliers, utility knife, handsaw and tape measure to get you started. Don’t just pick the cheapest – you get what you pay for with tools.


A selection of power tools 


Of course, these simple tools will only get you so far and if you’re serious about developing your DIY skills, you’re going to need to invest in some serious power tools. Only fools rush in. Don’t just grab the first power saw you catch sight of, you will need to research before making your purchase. Check out the reviews online, see what other people are saying and consider the best pieces of equipment for your list of jobs. A power drill and saw are good starting points, and will come in handy for a number of situations.


A DIY shed


If you’re becoming somewhat of a DIY master, but you’re frustrated regarding the lack of space around your home to get stuck into new projects, why not consider an outdoor shed? This is the ultimate upgrade from the humble toolbox, and will allow you to not only safely store your valuable tools, but create an at-home workshop for you to drill and saw without bugging the whole family.


A stud finder


A stud finder is one of those handy pieces of equipment you never realised you needed, until you needed it. If you want to hang anything heavy onto your wall, such as a bookshelf or painting, it will need to be screwed into a stud for extra support. A stud finder will enable you to locate the studs that are inside your walls so you can safely hang your works of art.


A spirit-level


Another basic but super handy tool you’ll need for hanging items on the wall is a level. You could, of course, wing it – but you’ll be kicking yourself when you take a few steps back from your newly hung shelf to discover it’s wonky. Avoid these DIY mishaps with a simple spirit level which will enable you to hang items square and level with ease. Et voila! You now have a perfectly placed photo frame.


By incorporating these things into your tool box, you’ll have everything you need to get even the peskiest of DIY jobs done.

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