5 Innovative Ways HR is Changing the Traditional Workplace

Technology is transforming the world around us. This transformation is happening both in private and in public – with our homes and our workplaces changing in huge strides. Technology’s impact is felt across the workplace and new HR technology is changing the traditional workplace in innovative ways.

HR professionals have to juggle a lot of pieces together and these departments have been at the forefront of innovation for decades. The way HR professionals manage their duties has a huge impact on what the workplace looks like. It doesn’t come as a surprise then that HR technology is quickly changing how people work.

New HR technology offers solutions to many HR dilemmas and the technology uses innovative ways to offer benefits to the department. The key driving forces, in terms of workplace transformation, are cloud HR software and automation. Most software solutions offer these two transformative advantages and these have shaped how employees are managed but also how they work.

When examining the impact of HR technology and how it’s changing the traditional workplace, these five innovative ways stand out.

1. Creating a mobile workforce

Perhaps one of the most obvious changes to the traditional workplace has been the shift towards mobile working. The physical workplace is crumbling down and a huge number of companies now rely on flexible and mobile workplace. This has been made possible by the use of smartphones, tablets and laptops. It has been further deepened with cloud HR software that allows the HR department to manage and monitor employees without the need for a shared, physical workspace.

Mobile and cloud-based solutions allow the HR department to connect with employees at any time. Areas such as time tracking, productivity management and communication are all possible without it creating problems.

2. Allowing a better flow of information and enhanced engagement

Another big change in the traditional workplace and HR management has been the introduction of employee self-service software. Most cloud HR software utilizes this function, allowing employees a better flow of information and enhancing employee engagement.

The software takes part of the mundane workload away from the HR department and provides the employees with more agency. Employees have access to HR-related and job-related tasks. This innovative use of software reduces the burden of management from the HR department but also creates more engagement and communication. It has lead to a more transparent workplace; one in which the employees can use cloud HR software to provide personal information and request things like time off work.

3. Reducing errors and inefficiencies

Technology has had a huge impact in terms of error management and the HR department has been using software in innovative ways to do just that. Many of the modern HR software use AI and automated learning to reduce the occurrences of human errors. Certain tasks can be automated altogether – such as calculating payroll information – while others might require less attention – like having the HR personnel simply OK shift schedules instead of creating them from scratch.

Complex tasks become less straining on the HR personnel. This reduces errors, which in turn has helped improve workplace trust and mood. Furthermore, automation reduces inefficiencies because the staff doesn’t have to waste time on mundane tasks.

4. Improving talent acquiring and employee retention

HR is changing traditional workplace by adopting technologies that help in talent acquisition and employee retention. The recruitment process has changed in many ways. The most notable and beneficial changes are:

  • The use of applicant tracking system to automate the application process and focusing on finding the most suitable candidates.
  • The use of video conference technology to ease the interview process.
  • The use of cloud HR software to allow access to information off-site and making the storing of the information easier.
  • The use of learning tools to improve talent development and boost employee motivation.

5. Enhance information security

Finally, HR is using technology to improve information security. The HR department has a lot of information in its fingertips from sensitive, personal information to company data. Keeping this safe is the key to keeping employees happy but also ensuring the business isn’t damaged. Cloud HR software is a much safer way of storing information and ensuring confident information isn’t shared widely.

Looking forward to future innovation

The above five ways have already transformed the traditional workplace. But HR technology is just getting started in its transformative ways. The dynamics of the workplace will likely continue to change – creating a happier and more productive workplace in the future.

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