4 Signs You Have Storm Roof Damage

The roof of your home is an essential part of providing you and your family shelter. It keeps out the sun, the rain, and the wind, which in turn keeps you safe from outdoor forces. With such an important job, your roof can only withstand so much pressure from mother nature.


When a big storm comes rolling through, your roof is the one that braces the chaos. However, it doesn’t always hold up as we expect it to. Oftentimes, storms cause damage to your roof that must be repaired in a timely manner.


How do you know if your roof has suffered storm damage? There are four main signs to look for.


Types of Storm Damage


There are four different types of storm damage that can happen to your precious roof. With each type comes its own storm damage roof repair technique and method.


Wind Damage


When the wind becomes strong and gusty, the shingles on your roof may not stand a chance. They can blow right off the top or become bent and turn sideways. Shingles are an essential part of the structure because they protect the exterior of the roof from the elements and the sun.


Hail Damage


Hail storms are certainly not something to be taken lightly. This can cause serious damage to your roof, especially if the hail is the size of quarters or even golf balls. Denting your roof and even taking off shingles is all possible during an intense hailstorm.


Falling Debris


If your house is near some tall trees, you are at risk of falling debris during a storm. Trees fall all the time, but mostly on telephone wires. However, there is still a chance a tree could fall on your roof, causing immense damage to your home.


Water Damage


If you have sitting water on your roof from a concave patch, it could cause a leak into your home. Water is a powerful element that, when untouched, can cause the growth of mold on your roof that weakens it.


Signs of Roof Damage


While it isn’t easy or even pleasant getting up on your roof to check for the signs of damage, sometimes you can do it right from your yard with a pair of binoculars. The main signs of a damaged roof include:


  1. Missing shingles
  2. Holes
  3. Leaks
  4. Missing flashing


If you notice these areas of damage or even suspect there’s damage to your roof, call a professional.


Bring in a Roofing Expert


It’s always a good idea to call a roof expert to inspect the condition of your roof. They know the signs and damage to look for and how to fix it. Oftentimes, your homeowners insurance policy will cover any damage done to your roof, too.


So, if you expect there’s damage up there, call a professional and contact your insurance company to find out what steps need to be taken to make your home safe and secure again.


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