4 First-Timer Tips for Guaranteeing a Great RV Trip in North Florida

Although perhaps known for vacation hotspots such as Orlando and Miami, Florida has so much to offer those looking to embrace the great outdoors beyond the typical tourist traps.

In fact, the northern region of the state offers the best of both worlds in terms of tranquility and things to do, including sugar sands and a family friendly vacation vibe that’s hard to find anywhere else. Whether you’re looking for RV rentals in Jacksonville or want to stick close to the Panhandle, the Sunshine State is an affordable way to see Florida right minus traffic and tourist headaches.

Jacksonville, Florida, USA city skyline on St. Johns River.

But what do you need to know if you’re looking to set up camp in the area for the very first time? Fear not: we’ve outlined four tips to set your expectations and provide you with peace of mind as you look ahead toward your dream trip.

Book Sooner Rather Than Later

Perhaps this is a no-brainer, but it’s always in your advantage to book your RV or campsite as far in advance as possible. This is especially true if you’re looking to camp during a long weekend or holiday. Rest assured you’re not the only ones looking to avoid the crowds at Disney World or the crazy Spring Break crowd: the better you plan out where you’ll be, the better.

Also note that you don’t necessarily need to stay right by the beach if you’re looking to set up camp in Florida. There are a number of campgrounds that are an easy ten or fifteen minutes away from the shore (campgrounds in St. Andrews and St. Augustine spring to mind), an easy walking distance that won’t set you back in terms of your budget.

Don’t Assume Weather Conditions

To say that weather in Florida is unpredictable would be quite the understatement. Rain could come at just about any time, including chillier months. On a related note, Florida isn’t always sunshine and cloudless skies. Given the recent snows in Pensacola, those traveling to the northern cities in Florida should understand that layering up and being preparing for all types of weather is always a plus.

Stay Hydrated

In Florida, the importance of staying hydrated can’t be emphasized enough, especially when those noon-time rays tend to catch up with us unexpectedly. Spending all day on the beach or hiking, even on milder days, can really sap your energy and dehydrate you without even realizing it. Extra bottled water or Brita filters are never a bad idea, nor are those generic camel-pack water bottles you can purchase on the cheap from the likes of Costco.

Prepare for Pests

While Florida isn’t necessarily known for it’s “dangerous wildlife” (unless you counter the occasional gator or Panther in the southern region of the state), typical rodents and pests should be expected.

Protection from mosquitoes in the form of sprays and nets, for example, are essential. Scents such as citronella candles can also keep pests at bay. Simply be mindful of burning candles and respect the space of your camping neighbors.

Northern Florida is a fantastic place to enjoy the outdoors, especially if you know exactly what to expect before you arrive. With these tips in mind, you can ensure that your next RV trip to the Sunshine State is one to remember!…….

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