Ron Hindt talks about the benefits of daily devotion to God

As everyone knows, there are certainly different levels of devotion when it comes to religion. For some of us, it might occur on a daily (or even hourly) basis. For others, it might be more sporadic. Today’s article is going to concentrate on the former, and how a daily devotion to God really can be beneficial.

This has stemmed following the book from Ron Hindt about Seed Thought Devotional. This explains some of the key ways in which a person can devote their time to God on a daily basis. Following on from this, we will now take a look at some of the advantages of following such an approach.

It allows for direction from God

Every time we devote our time from God, it is an opportunity for Him to provide direction and wisdom in a bid to make the correct choices in life.

This is something that most of us are just not able to do, and we are suffering as a result.

It stops the fast flow of day-to-day life

It doesn’t matter whether you follow religion or not, this is something that will most probably affect you. It would be fair to say that recently, normal life seems to have got much more hectic. It’s fast paced to say the least – and most of us just can’t do anything about it to slow it down.

This is where daily devotion to God steps into the picture. It’s here in which we can finally stand still, and reflect on what is going on with life. It is also an opportunity to reflect on God, which should then give you the chance to find peace every day.

It brings everyone together

Even if you reside on different sides of the world, few would disagree that daily devotion to God is a way in which everyone can be brought together. Regardless of where you are based, what language you speak or any other major differences – daily devotion is something that everyone can do together.

Sure, you might not be spending direct time with your loved ones, but via God you can all feel each other’s presence.

You will become more like God

The amount of time you spend in the scriptures is going to be reflected in your personality. A daily devotion is the time in which you can really get to know God closer. This should in-turn make you act more in the way which He encourages.

Your love for God will continue to grow

When you spend time with a person, your love and admiration for them tends to increase. The same can occur through daily devotion, as you are effectively spending more time with God by your side.

Many believe that the “secret” joy occurs merely through spending time with Him. Due to the fact that daily devotion entails just that, one can’t disagree that this is only going to improve for your relationship.

TruGreen Lawn Care Helps People Find the Right Type of Grass

It can be difficult to choose the right type of grass for your particularly lawn. Trugreen lawn care understands how confusing it can be. There are a number of factors that are of importance, and you do have to consider them if you want to create the perfect lawn.

Trugreen Lawn Care on Choosing the Right Grass

One of the most important factors in choosing grass is how much sunlight and shade it will get. There are three classifications of grass:

  1. Shade
  2. Sun/shade
  3. Sunny

Before you decide, you need to look at the area where the grass will be planted to determine how much direct sunlight it will get. Choosing a sunny grass type and planting it in a shaded area will be almost impossible to maintain.

Another factor to consider is the area that you will plant, and particularly how much moisture is present there. If the area is sandy and dry, for instance, you will need a different type of grass to an area that is high in moisture or damp. When you come to choose a grass seed, make sure that you check which type of water content is best for it and find out whether that is what your soil will offer.

Lots of different grasses exist, and all of them have preferences in terms of soil conditions, seasons, and climates. It is important to choose one that is, if not truly native to your area, at least suitable. Usually, grass is placed in a category that denotes the season that it prefers. For instance:

  • Ryegrass, bluegrass, and bentgrass are types of grasses that love areas where there are strong seasonal differences. It likes warm summers and cold winters, in other words.
  • Zoysia, thermal blue, and fescue, by contrast, are grasses that like areas where there are few drastic differences between the seasons. These grasses love areas such as Knoxville, TN, Savanah, GA, Richmond, VA, and Lexington, KY.
  • Wheatgrass, meanwhile, is a native grass and a beautiful one, but not one that is particularly suitable for lawns. Rather, people use this to make health juices.

If you want to create a beautiful new lawn, or if your existing lawn is in need of repair, then you shouldn’t simply purchase the first grass seed box you come across and hope for the best. Rather, you need to pay close attention to the different things that will determine how successful the plant will be, and how much work you will have to do in order for it to thrive. For instance, if you were to plant a sunny grass in a sun/shade area, it is likely to survive, but you will have to water it more often, perhaps mow it more often, feed it more often, and so on.

Generally speaking, it is best to work with a professional company like Trugreen Lawn Care, so that you are guaranteed to have a lawn that is suitable and that will look absolutely beautiful as well.

Receivables Performance Management Reviews How Outsourcing Can Help a Business

Lynnwood, Washington is home to Receivables Performance Management, LLC, a business that first opened its doors in 2002. Since then, they have redefined the world or performance management, accounts receivables, and more. Now, Receivables Performance Management reviews the importance of outsourcing these elements, and how they can help a business.

Receivables Performance Management Reviews Outsourcing

Businesses should be able to focus on their own niche, be that research, investing, retail, management, industry, or any other field. Small business owners, however, have to be everything at the same time. They have to be their own marketer, customer service agent, product developer, salesperson, and accountant. Few people are able to manage all of this, which is one of the key reasons why outsourcing to an experienced company like Receivables Performance Management is so important.

Research has shown that the key benefits to outsourcing accounts management and accounts receivable include:

  • That when a company has healthy accounts, they are healthier themselves. There will be more people interested in investing in them, and more money will be available for investments as well. If accounts show that it is common for bills to be seriously past due, it could mean that it is not possible to pay bills, meet payroll, or purchase inventory.
  • There is a lot of work involved in the management of accounts receivables. When someone makes a purchase, they are sent a purchase. Each month, a statement is generated. The invoice is then paid, perhaps through a check, after which the account is updated. This is quite labor intensive, often far more so than the price of the service or product they purchase in the first place. Outsourcing, therefore, can be a cost-saving exercise.
  • Outsourcing to a professional company means that the entire process becomes more efficient. Not just that, companies like Receivables Performance Management have access to various professional tools. They hire CPAs, professional bookkeepers, collections assistants, and so on. They have the software required to fully automate the system of invoicing customers and running statements, thereby greatly increasing productivity as there is no more need for any manual generation. This means, again, that they can help save costs by reducing workload.
  • When accounts receivable is outsourced, it means that other employees can do what they were actually hired for, and ensure the business is able to grow. It doesn’t matter whether it is marketing, product development, sales, customer service, or any other field, it is important that all of those areas receive full attention. This is what helps companies go through lean cycles.

When you outsource to a company like Receivables Performance Management, LLC, it ensures businesses are protected from those customers who find it difficult to pay. Professionals know how to be firm but fair with these types of customers, protecting the relationship will at the same time ensuring payments are made. Not every delinquent payer is simply trying to get away with not paying. In fact, most simply have genuine difficulties. A professional company can differentiate between the two.

Michael Briese on Key Features to Look for in a Rolex Watch

Having a Rolex makes you a real man, someone who truly comments respect. People who see you automatically admire you, even if they don’t know who you are. According to Michael Briese, the watch is more than just a status symbol, it is a way of life. And that is also why you simply can’t get busted with either a fake one, or one that was taken during some sort of heist.

Michael Briese on Fake Rolex Watches

Head to any street corner vendor in New York, and it is likely that you will be able to find a fake Rolex. Because everybody wants one, but so few can afford on, this is not surprising. Where there is demand, supply will automatically follow. Unfortunately, while a Rolex from a street corner is an obvious fake, some of them are works of art in their own right. It is absolutely vital, therefore, that you learn to protect yourself and to not accidentally purchase a counterfeit.

Michael Briese Explains How to Find a Real Rolex Watch

  1. Rolex watches can only be sold brand new with factory warranties by authorized dealers, no exception. Hence, sign up to the email mailing list of a true authorized dealer and wait for a good deal to come along.
  2. Check the band. If it has a kink, it is likely to be a fake. If it doesn’t match the watch, it’s a fake. The details are in the band. Face the watch down and stretch out the band to view the links. If they are smooth and nicely lined up, with perhaps some stretch if it is a secondhand model, then you probably have a real one.
  3. Listen to the Rolex. The second hand does not tick. All you have to do, therefore, is hold the watch to you ear. If there’s a sound, it’s fake.
  4. Check for the date window. It looks a little like a bubble, magnifying the date, particularly on models like the Submariner and the GMT. If it’s off center or crooked, move on to the next one.
  5. Look for the hologram sticker, which should be on the back. There is a reference number above the crown logo, which is completely unique. View it from different angles and rotate it to check it is a genuine hologram.

Michael Briese on Buying a Rolex Online

Everything seems to be online right now, and that is also where the best deals can be struck. Unfortunately, it also means you can’t check any of the five steps above before you buy. This is why Briese has also developed some tips for the savvy online shopper:

  1. Make sure the website has a familiar ending like .com, for instance, and that it isn’t hosted by a cheap host.
  2. If you want to purchase a secondhand Rolex through eBay or other such site, look up the seller and their rating. Ask various questions in terms of where the watch came from, how old it is, where it was purchased, when it was serviced, whether it is accurate, what its serial number is, and so on.
  3. Never buy a Rolex through Facebook.

George Ammar: Recipe for Living Life to the Fullest

These days most people talk about wanting to get the most out of their lives in the short time we get on the planet The description of how you get the most out of life varies from person to person but most would agree that you need to have a career that is fulfilling and gives you enough money to do the things you want and need, and good health which allows you to participate in activities that make you happy and feel fulfilled. If we are lucky enough to have these things, then we have an opportunity to live life to the fullest.

Some might think that the wealthiest among us live life to the fullest because we believe that money can solve every problem. This is not the case and although money can go a long way toward making some things easier, it alone cannot cause us to be happy and some might argue that it often creates as many problems as it solves.

It is more likely that someone who makes a good living rather than someone who is in the top 1% financially is a better choice for someone who is living life to the fullest. A good example perhaps is George S. Ammar, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who owns Cleveland based Ohio CFO, LLC. George runs a healthy small business where he provide customers with tax and accounting services. He has a growing clientele of happy customers and makes a good profit each year. He has been able to weather good and bad economies and is appreciative that he has persevered throughout and looks at the success he has had as both a blessing and a testament to the hard work he and has employees provide. There have been some long hours but they prove rewarding when the job gets done and customers are happy they chose his company.

George Ammar also knows that without taking care of yourself and being conscious of doing those things which keep you healthy, you will not be able to fully enjoy the fruits of your labors. So he dedicated himself to a healthy lifestyle and commits daily to doing those things that are good for his overall health. Here are some of the things he does regularly that contribute to his good health.

Drinks Plenty of Water

The body is made up primarily of water and drinking lots of it each day is a smart things to do. Water provides us with many benefits:

Boosts your metabolism – Water is proven to ramp up your energy and give a shot to your metabolism. Its effects can be felt nearly immediately there are no downsides to drinking it.

Improves brain function – Water helps the brain to work better and more efficiently. When the body is dehydrated the brain must use extra work with this limited resource. The result is you are not as sharp mentally.

Clears out Toxins – Water carries materials inside your body to and through the kidneys which then get flushed out when you pee.

Helps You Lose Weight – Drinking water has been shown to help you lose weight.


George knows that moving the body vigorously for an hour or more every day helps to improve health. You can pick one or a variety of exercises as long as they contain aerobic and strength components and involve some stretching. The weather in Ohio is not always conducive to outdoor activities so when the Cleveland winters hit George knows he can do indoor workouts and as long as he sticks to the guidelines he will be in tip top shape.

George Ammar also eats right and takes vacations when the stress gets too much.

Charles Nucci – These are the Steps Necessary for Honing Your Photography Skills

The elements of a perfect photograph are simple to list yet extremely hard to achieve. This is why there are so few great photographers. The work required to understand the right elements and then to implement them each time you go out shooting, is exhausing and sometimes extremely frustrating. The talent needed to make the difference between really good and great is also something that one cannot always count on.

With this being said, not everyone can be a professional photograpgher, however everyone can take really good pictures. What is required is some basic knowledge of the elements of great photography and then the application of that knowledge as you go out and shoot. In this article , there will be a list of the key things you need to know about taking great shots, it is up to you to apply this knowledge and improve your abilities behnd the camera.

Study Great Photos and Photographers

The good stuff always reveal their secrets and the great ones are happy to share their knowledge. The Internet offers anyone a chance to learn from the best. Photographers now have blogs where they give tips and provide anyone with insight into how they work their craft. There is even a master series where the best photographers teach you online. For a small price you can learn from the absolute best, in all the key areas and what they actually do when taking the shots that win awards.

Know your equipment

All camera equipment has specific ways to get the most out of it and all have their own quirks that make them unique. You need to understand what your camera and other equipment that you use needs to have done with it so that it can give you its best. The only way to discover this is to use it constantly and pay attention. In what lighting does your camera take the best pictures? It is good for close-ups. How about the lenses you use? Do they get enough detail? Do you understand how to place lights and when to add or diminish the lighting? How do you use light filters effectively? These are all important questions whose answers can make you a better picture taker. Make it your business to learn these and other relevant answers.

Take a lighting class

Any photographer will tell you that at the heart of any great picture is proper lighting. Its importance cannot be overstated and often its use is counterintuitive. So you need to take a class to at least get the basics figured out about light. There is natural light and artificial light and each acts differently in a picture setting. Understand how to play with the light and how to use shadows to enhance or add depth, drama or mood to a picture. The end result will be much better photographs that everyone will love.

Be Patient

Any highly respected professional photographer like Charles Nucci will tell you that to get great he took thousands of shots and only over time did he reach the level of professional. It takes a lot of time patience and contact adjustment to become the best and unless you have the patience or perseverance, you will certainly walk away frustrated. So be prepared for a long and fun journey that in the end might not make you a professional but will definitely make you better at taking great shots.

Scott Tominaga – The Most High Flying Jobs in the Financial World

With the stock market lying and no top in sight, the financial industry is hiring in droves. In fact there is a shortage of quality employees for a number of high paying jobs. Simply put, the schools cannot graduate young people fast enough.

The best advice from financial industry professionals like Scott Tominaga, to those who look to enter the financial industry, is to It is always pick a career that represents something you love doing, no matter the money you might receive.

You never want to wake up one day with the feeling that you have chosen the wrong career. But with that said, having the money you generate from a high flying financial career can make it easy to enter a new career or even start your own business.

Here are some career options for you to consider if you are thinking of taking the plunge into the financial industry and you want to be a high flyer in the industry.

Broker – Stock, Options, Commodities

Brokers are comfortable working in a fast paced industry that is all about handling large amounts of money being moves in one direction or another. The job of a broker is to pick the best opportunities for clients to enter. The broker will also tell a client when they think that it is time to sell also. Brokers buy and sell stocks, options, futures, or commodities. They handle large amounts of data continuously and the smart ones have a system that is proven over time.

In order to be a great broker, you need to have a sharp mind, great attention to detail, a passion to understand the financial markets, and to be tireless. For those who succeed and build a client base, there is a lot of money to be made. You must remember however that you will essentially be running your own business so expect some lean times in the beginning.

Hedge Fund Trader

In terms of the highest-flying job in the financial world, hedge fund trader might be it. This job requires that you move large amount of client’s money quickly in and out of trades Hedge find traders have their own strategies and use proprietary software to execute split second trading in markets around the world. They have no passion about any particular stock or company, they are only interested in the market moves of the stock allowing them to profit from trading. Because of the way they trade, it does not matter whether the market is going up or down, they can win either way. Hedge fund traders take big risks and receive big rewards when they bet right.

The requirements for the job is a great understanding of the markets and a voracious appetite for knowledge about the markets. You also need to have an almost six sense about the way economies are moving and an ability to quickly take advantage of what you know. Finally you must be fearless. And of course you have to have a love for making money because if you are successful at this job you will be rich.

How to Approach Writing a Book Like a Professional

The process of writing a book is a challenging chore for several different reasons. You must have a compelling topic, one that is not overdone or that you can approach in a completely different way. You must also have access to important research data that can help you get your arms around writing about the subject. You also must have a clear idea about the structure and style of your book because this will impact how and what you write.

There is no simple way to get through it but there are guidelines that you can adopt in order to help you get what you want written on track and coming out the way you intend. However there is discipline required that professional writers like Orlando Figes use in order to get to and through the process. To help you gain some of that discipline here are some tips about writing like a professional.

Get Your Sources and References Together Before You Begin

You are in luck, because these days, you don’t have to spend weeks at the local library or book store doing research as you burnt he daylight and night time oil. Today, there are plenty of quality research sources at your fingertips right online and easily available to you. Your challenge however will be volume and quality Because it is so easy to place something on any subject on I the Internet, you will see a lot about everything and much of it will be either inaccurate or only partially accurate or both. So you must check and double check any important facts you want to include in your book. Look for credible authors and sources who make a habit of vetting their sources too. Also, check out the sources page for every relevant article that may help you to get what you need more quickly.

Make an Outline

After your research is done and you have all the information around your topic that you need, it is time to start writing your outline. An outline is a sketch of the story you want to write. You basically lay it out in this sketch form in advance of your writing your book. The goal here is to make sure that your story is complete and makes logical sense. You want to follow characters and see where they end up and if they have consistent actions and deeds throughout the story. Do places and people connect in a way that is cohesive? Are you taking the reader on a journey? Do your conclusions hold water? You will discover the answers to all of these when you do an outline. Also, each time you think of an idea for the story it goes here first and must fit into the overall story.


The structure is actually part of the outline but it deserves to be brought out as a separate focus area. The structure is how you will tell your story. Books have different structures and you need to be clear about yours but generally speaking you will want to follow a traditional book structure which is:

Act 1: Defining the world and introducing the characters. We also learn about a problem that the story is highlighting and this problem’s relationship to our characters.

Act 2: The heart of the story and what happens to change the characters along the way. Do new challenges arise for them? Can they deal with it all?

Act 3: the resolution of the story and the sense of what might come next.

Although this structure fits best for fiction writing, it is often used even for great non-fiction novels as well. In any case it is only to serve as a guideline.

Stick to the basics and dedicate the time needed for you to write.

8 Ways CRM Software Benefits Ecommerce Businesses

The classic style of customer resource management is now terribly inefficient. Files and lists with phone numbers and emails of customers will hardly keep track of all the important analytics needed in ecommerce business today. Online retailers need a good way to follow all customer trends while clearly detailing buying and selling activities. This is where the benefits of adequate CRM software can help. The software provides a full suite of analytics that are available all associates. Using CRM software can boost profits and cut losses significantly.

Consumer Trends

The customers are the consumers and you have the products and services to fit particular needs. This is your market with online businesses. Though it is possible to get a light amount of data from different sales channels, clear communications and analytics are not available for the whole scope of your sales in the actual marketplace. Collecting and sorting data from all your different channels on your own is not efficient and it is tedious.

CRM software is used to track all sales channels and activities within them. This provides you with a clear view of all sales trends in light of the competition so you can stay ahead. Proper analytics show you exactly where your sales and losses are while you consider customer appeal and trends. The software allows you to view buying trends, returns, where your leads are coming from, conversion rates and much much more.

Strong Analysis

Ecommerce can be a tough area to keep up with in this digital era. When you have the software to perform deep, multi-layered analytics, clear information is right in front of you. This will improve your buying and selling activities and help you create greater appeal to customers through different sales channels.

For example, you may be running several online markets at one time and each has its own unique customer trends. If you had to keep up with all of this data on your own the tasks toward high success would be almost impossible to accomplish. Even in the rare instance of having unique products and services with low competition, competitors will arise. Having CRM software in place will keep you prepared for all market changes.

Team Cohesion

Online businesses count on constant collaboration between associates in a team. The core team needs to have access to the analytics in order to remain cohesive and on target with objectives. With a CRM, your teams can consistently communicate with each other without having to rely on other chat services or group scheduling sites.

Tag all team members for sharing of trends and analytical data. This puts more heads and ideas into the business. Boosting the effectiveness of ecommerce has never been easier since the development of analytical CRM software.

Project Management

Although CRMs are not designed to be a full-blown project management tool, they are very efficient task management platforms. And a task management tool is vital for any online retail business. Using a CRM, tasks can easily be created based on analysis of trends, sales, and more right down to every detail.

For example, if you are bringing in any independent contractors or new associates, it is best to track everything with ecommerce CRM software specifically. In this way, all communications and data are seen by each member of a team. Additionally, availability of certain information to particular parties can be limited to avoid conflicts of interest while outsourcing tasks.

Supporting and Building Leads

Customer trends are one thing but the success factor with online sales is going to be the existing leads and the nurturing of new leads. As we all know, there are numerous types of leads. CRM software uses deep analysis to provide relevant information so you can close sales and build new leads within various sales channels.

This builds strong customer relationships which will stand out to buyers. When your business is more efficient, it is easier to build a strong repeat customer base. At the same time, using the analysis of customer trends will allow the creating of fruitful sales campaigns with all sales channels and leads.

Trends and Sales

Without ecommerce CRM software, keeping track of sales trends through all of your online sales channels would be difficult. Manually comparing flow charts and lists of statistics will lead to a few effective sales moves at best. When dealing with multiple sales channels, good software will compile the comparisons through analytics. This provides you with up-front information to follow trends in real time.

Each sales channel will have its own following with some cross-over customers. CRM software shows you results from buying and selling, specific customer returns, preferred methods of delivery, customer information and buying activity, and much more. With this clear vision of sales trends it is simple to cut out low-selling products and meet new market demands. The data collected can then be shared with associates for creation of more effective sales campaigns.

With the right solution in place, you can connect all your sales channels, regardless of whether or not you may be selling on Amazon, a standalone store like BigCommerce or 3dcart, or even if you need something that works in tandem with all of these like a multichannel eBay CRM software solution – there are competitive options available to help you improve the customer relationship every step of the way.

Customer Returns

Overlooking the importance of data on product returns from customers is a poor move in ecommerce. When software is available to present data on all returns you can find the reasons for the returns and do what needs to be done to amend the issue. For example, if certain products are being consistently returned, that could be an issue with parts or suppliers. Identifying the common returns and the specific customers who return items frequently will help with developing plans to minimize returns.

There will always be some product returns. This is to be expected with any market. When you know which customers are habitually returning items, it is easy to improve customer relations and have contact in order to understand the issue. Sometimes it may present better gains overall and allow you to create a better inventory.

Ecommerce CRM software empowers online retailers with the ability to improve sales margins significantly while following all trends. Then all of your sales channels are clear for planning and marketing.

Family lawyers for handling personal issues

At times, when you face problems and the reason is your incompatible relations with your family or any family member or even your spouse, you need legal guidance. As advice from a legal professional like Petroske Law helps you take the right step at the right time. This can prove to be life saving and helps you take the right decision.

In many divorce cases the major concern that arises is about the custody of the child/children. The lawsuit tries that the suitable parent gets their custody. Petroske Law firm helps you with matrimony crisis and family laws. They specialize in:

  • Divorce cases

  • Child custody

  • Child support

Why Petroske?

The lawyers at Petroske lawsuit outnumber the other family lawyers in many cases. Some of the reasons for their outstanding services are:

  • The lawyers are attentive and devote their personal time for the welfare of their clients.

  • They have a vast experience in handling divorce and child custody cases.

  • They assist in developing a proper strategy so that the consequences of the cases are in your favour as much as possible.

  • The lawyers of the law firm have a realistic and practical approach towards individual cases.

  • They have relatable knowledge of law and over a decade of experience in this field.

  • They work diligently to an extent of filing trial and appeal cases in times of need.

Divorce cases

People file divorce cases due to many reasons like the partners are not of the same mind-set or cases of domestic violence or it can be a mutual decision as well. During these cases the most important asset is the house. At times the division of property is easy while at times it requires intervention of the law. The lawyers will help you with the division of property and your entitled alimony amount. Your joint assets are equally divided while in some cases the individual or separate assets have to be shared.

Child Custody

The child custody or support cases are one of the most critical ones. There are many criterions that need to be followed while deciding upon the child’s custody. Shared parenting has been observed to be the best way for upbringing of the children after the divorce. Each parent has the right to visit their children and under shared parenting is entitled to spend at least one third of the time with them. Under this mode of parenting both the parents are required during the school meetings, appointment with doctors or other such occasions which directly have a connection with the child’s development and progress.

In cases of child abuse or depending on the child’s attachment to any of the parents the custody is given to the suitable individual. In this situation, the children can be visited weekly by the non-custodian parent. Another major custody decider is the financial stability of the parents.

The lawsuit analyses all of the conditions and provides you with the best possible solutions so you can lead a life of self-dependency. In family matters it is also necessary that you receive the compensation you deserve and a law professional helps you get so.