10 Simple Tips to Level up your Tiling Skills

DIY projects are definitely popular today. One of the most common DIY assignments revolves around tiling projects. It’s easy to get into such activities since the outcome is definitely favorable. For instance, adding a set of wall and floor tiling on your kitchen is not only functional but also appealing. It can visually enhance the area and can add depth to the overall look of the place. If you want to step up your tiling skills, these guidelines can surely help you generally. Here are 10 simple tips that you can try on your next tiling project:

Tip #1: Measure in Advance

Pick a pattern first then proceed to lay the tiles on your chosen design and start measuring each tile according to its arrangement. Doing this can save you more time and possible errors.

Tip #2: Clean your Tiles

Before sticking your tiles, it’s best that you clean them first. Doing so will make your work more professional looking.

Tip #3: Remove Obstacles

These obstacles can be anything. Always clear out the place before starting by removing power outlets, light switches, towels bars, doors, or anything that could hamper your workflow.

Tip #4: Mix your Adhesives by Batches

This tip can help you save your adhesives from drying up. Thus, when you are about to stick your tiles, only prepare a small about of cement paste and grout.

Tip #5: Start on the Center

This is a very important tip when you want your final outcome to be on point. Before sticking your tiles, find the center of the area by using a measuring tape. After locating the center, use this as your intersecting point as you divide the area into 4 quadrants.

Tip #6: Apply Moderate Adhesive

Apply the ideal amount of adhesive. This will need some practice initially, but you’ll find your own style of applying adhesives after some time. Just make sure that you’re not adding so much that it’ll end up leaking on your tiles.

Tip #7: Apply “Open Time”

Before applying your paste, read the open time directions on your adhesives. This is the allocated duration needed before you stick your tiles on the paste.

Tip #8: Check the Wall of Floor Level

Although the area may look perfectly even, there is a high chance that it isn’t. Thus, use an evenness measuring device so that you can apply a thicker layer of adhesive on the uneven areas.

Tip #9: Wait Before Applying Grout

After adding your tiles, it’s tempting to immediately apply the grout just to complete the job. However, being impatient can only ruin your tiling project. When the adhesive is still wet, there’s a high chance that your tile will move as you force your grout into it.

Tip #10: Prepare Extra Tiles

It’s possible that you’ll break one or two tiles during the installation process; that’s why purchasing extra tiles is a good practice when you are into tiling projects.

Just because you are the one who is doing the tiling job, this doesn’t mean that you are not capable of making a perfect outcome. With these simple tips alone, you can already see an improvement in your next tiling project.

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