Serious Mistakes Made by Beauticians

Who doesn’t love visiting the beautician and having a few pampering treatments once in a while? It’s a great way to unwind, get rid of that built up tension and to make you feel good about yourself. Beauticians perform a number of treatments, everything from a lavish massage to getting a pedicure, and we all see it as a luxurious expense, a treat that is to be treasured, we even buy our friends and family gift vouchers for treatments on special occasions. Many of us fail to realise that each time we visit a beautician we are facing risks, but what are these risks and how can they affect us?

Wax burns are surprisingly common. Most women go for their waxing appointment knowing that they’re in for a bit of discomfort and perhaps some pain. But these beauty treatments can result in a lot more pain than that, wax burns caused by the chemicals in the product or the temperature will hurt and can result in serious scarring and skin damage. You risk being burned if you’re there to have your legs waxed, your bikini line, underarms or even your face. Cosmetic burns can be avoided, which is why your beautician should ask you to visit to have a skin test before the treatment is carried out. It’s also important that you use a beautician who is fully trained to perform the waxing and they are someone you’re able to trust. Ask your friends for their recommendations and avoid using any one time vouchers if you’ve never heard of them.

Infectious Manicures

Did you know that you could be exposed to bacteria that have been left by the clients before you? That could mean you catch a fungal or yeast infection or a viral infection such as hepatitis C. A good example of this is the thumb infection that was caught by Paula Abdul after having a manicure. These infections are spread by beauticians failing to wash their hands or keeping their station clean, and using unclean instruments. Beauticians have a responsibility to ensure that they don’t transmit any germs or bacteria and clean down their workstations and any equipment that they use.

These two examples can cause visitors to beautician’s serious health problems and pain. Therefore it is vital that all beauticians take the time to carry out the necessary health and safety procedures to protect each and every one of the clients who walk through the doors.

Protect Yourself by Choosing Your Beautician Carefully

If you visit a beauty salon you should pay attention to the cleanliness and the actions of the beautician treating you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about cleanliness and sterilisation if you have any concerns, and walk out the door if you have any doubts. Read up on the types of symptoms and the causes of health risks by visiting and learn how to make a claim for compensation should the worst happen.

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