Do's and Don'ts for Your Next Party in 2015

While New Year’s just ended, was the party you hosted or the events you attended memorable and worth the money or were you too drunk to even remember it? Read on to learn which parties are best to attend, what you should splurge on, and how much is appropriate to drink at this ultimate party.

117 Do's and Don'ts for Your Next Party in 2015

Image by Jeff via Flicker

Favourite Tips for New Year’s Eve

Other than St. Patrick’s Day and Superbowl parties, New Year’s Eve is definitely the most celebrated day on the calendar and the one where guests tend to overindulge. Add to that, it’s right after Christmas when many of us receive top shelf alcohol as a holiday present. So how do you navigate through these anticipated events? Use some of our favorite tips and you’ll experience a night to remember.

  • Choose a party. Don’t waste your time at an expensive club party. Chances are it won’t be worth the hassle or the money of the tickets. Instead, choose to either host a party yourself or attend a party at a friend’s house in a more relaxed setting. Feel free to hit more than one party, but choose one for the actual New Year’s toast and maybe another for a late night, early morning stop.
  • Do plan to go out with friends. This is not the night to stay in unless you’re hosting the party. You’ll want your friends around for a support system as you get slightly tipsy and comb for someone to kiss at midnight.
  • Do find someone to kiss at the stroke of midnight if you are without a date. Don’t appear desperate and keep it a light, friendly peck.
  • Enjoy some drinks. Even if you’re not a heavy drinker, indulge in at least some champagne for the special occasion. It’s okay to get a little drunk on New Year’s Eve, where you’re feeling fun and happy, and a more charming personality of yourself.
  • Do make a heartfelt New Year’s toast if you are hosting the party. Make it brief and from your heart. Make sure every guest has a beverage, whether it’s alcoholic or some sparkling cider or sparkling grape juice. Hold your champagne glass in your right hand carefully by the stem and raise appropriately to face level while smiling at as many guests as possible. Don’t actually clink glasses since you don’t want your glasses to break. Settle for a hearty, “Cheers!”
  • Don’t drive home if you attended a party elsewhere. Arrange for some in your group to be a designated driver, and if no one wants to, then take advantage of the taxicabs in your area. Some cities offer discounted or even free rates on New Year’s Eve.
  • Use a photo booth from Blue Steel at your party to capture all the memories. Ask for festive backgrounds like confetti dipped balloons or a shimmering gold fringe. You and your friends can show off your personalities as you hold up “Happy New Year” banners, don party hats, and clink glasses in the booth.

Your New Year’s Eve party may not go as planned so do go with the flow and don’t allow it to upset you. Someday, you’ll laugh at how drunk and stupid you and your friends look in those photo booth pictures.