Cost of Food Skyrocketing – Garden Sheds for Affordable Organic Veggies All Year Long

Never before has there been such a widespread movement towards organic produce. But the problem for most people is the cost, especially during the winter months. Many families have started growing some fruits and many vegetables in their back yards as a way to ensure that they are getting produce free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

vegggg Cost of Food Skyrocketing – Garden Sheds for Affordable Organic Veggies All Year Long

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Unfortunately, for those in the northern states it is impossible to grow outdoors in the winter. Garden sheds provide a great alternative because they can be built to act as a grow house for everything from fresh berries to potatoes. In fact, if you want to build your own as a DIY project, you can get an idea of the best garden shed plans by reading through this content.

Planning Garden Sheds for Cultivation of Produce

When panning garden sheds to use for growing produce for your family, there are a couple of alterations you may need to make. Of course you will want to build one that is insulated but you will want to plan for airflow. Adequate ventilation is a must to keep mildew and rot from creeping into your crop.

Also, it would be best to plan for an electrician to sign off on your wiring if you are a DIYer because you want to maintain safety and stay within the law. A flat roof is perfectly fine but many growers prefer a gabled roof because they usually offer more height.

Cost Effective LED Grow Lights

As recently as a few years ago there didn’t seem to be LED grow lights with the right colors of the spectrum to work properly for growing. However, with advances in technology there are a great number of products on the market that provide the right type of light to foster photosynthesis which is what you need to consider when growing indoors.

You may also wish to invest in a small solar panel setup which will provide more than enough electricity so that you are not raising your electric bill. In the winter months they are already high enough, especially if you are using electric heat for your home.

Hydroponic vs. Soil

Another recent movement in growing amazing vegetables is with a hydroponic system. These don’t require soil and require little care other than regular draining and replacing water with the proper nutrients. Many farmers have begun using hydroponic growing systems and are getting huge produce as a result. If you look at this video you will see how one man works with a hydro system.

Soil is more traditional but you may find that it is expensive to keep buying soil for your plants unless you have a compost pile somewhere on your property to keep refreshing your soil with nutrients. Either way is perfectly fine and perhaps only a matter of personal preference, but take the time to research first so that you can be comfortable with the way in which you begin growing your produce.

With the right setup the only real cost involved is initially as you are building your garden sheds and outfitting them with what you need to get started growing your own produce. Many people like the idea of a garden shed over using a greenhouse because the temperature and lighting is easier to control. Garden sheds are the answer to the high cost of organic produce and will provide a great hobby that you’ll soon learn to love.