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Jardines de la Reina—The Current Queen among Scuba Diving Hotspots

True to its name, the biggest marine park in the Caribbean has lured hundreds of people to its beautiful sea garden. Jardines de la Reina or Gardens of the Queens is one of the top places visited by scuba divers. Its healthy mangroves, black corals, and reefs together with Caribbean reef and silky sharks are enough to attract much attention. According to Diver magazine, over 500 divers go there every year. Even if more people want to visit the archipelago,

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What are the best destinations to travel to in February 2017 – Part II

Having Valentine’s Day on 14th, February is considered as the month of “Love”. As such, we recommend for tourists to book coming trips with their travel agents in a romantic destination that guarantees a few days of love and happiness. In this article we will continue providing the exclusive destinations we recommend to visit in February? Why do we choose them? How would you enjoy yourself in each of them? Small county, lots of entertainment | Bahrain Average temperature: 28°

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Embark on a Cost Friendly Trip

There isn’t much that is more exciting than leaving the stresses and familiarity of daily life behind and going on a much needed vacation. Most people say that they wish they could travel more but aren’t able to for different reasons. The most frequent reason given for not traveling are the costs associated with it. With the help of numerous tools available today, taking a less costly trip is a more attainable wish. Travel Websites With the Internet booming like

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