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How Your Furnace Might Be Causing Your Allergies and How You Can Prevent Them

Allergies have various triggers. One of the things that can trigger them is poor air quality at home, which can happen if your furnace is not checked properly. Your home’s furnace can trigger winter allergies as it causes congestion and makes our nasal passages dry. Also, heating ducts have the whole summer to accumulate dust as well as other allergens. So, once you start turning your heater again on mid to late October, you’ll find yourself coughing and sneezing a

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Develop Healthy Eating Habits By Taking Small Steps

Changing a lifetime of bad eating habits is very difficult. It is not likely you can go from a diet of fast food, sweets, and soda pop to one consisting of only vegetables, lean meats, and fruit in one day. Developing healthy eating habits takes time, which is why you should take it one small step at a time. What is Healthy Eating? Before you can even embark upon changing your eating habits, it is helpful to understand what eating

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